20 thousand forecast in pandemic: Experts gave dates

In the practice, which started with the division of provinces into 4 separate groups according to the rate of incidence in 100 thousand cases, new evaluations started after the second week. It has been learned that the relevant units of the government have formed an opinion that the endurance capacity of the big cities will be preserved until the last moment.

According to the news of Nuray Babacan from Hürriyet newspaper, it is stated that the rules will not be changed easily, and if necessary, regional and neighborhood bans will be imposed in order to prevent the sectors experiencing economic difficulties from being forced again with bans.


In the evaluations, it was stated that an increase in the number of cases is expected depending on the new application. Experts made the following evaluations:

“We expected the cases to increase 10-15 days after normalization. However, these increases have not yet been reflected in intensive care and intubation. There is an increase in the number of applications to polyclinics in Istanbul. Turkey has followed the general increase in positive cases in the family medicine. However, many criteria are being taken into consideration in order for big cities to turn red. Data such as the rate of spread of the virus, the rate of positivity, the number of tests, the rate of cases turning into intensive care and intubation, and the rate of patients will be taken into consideration. “


According to the evaluation made by experts, comments are made that the increase in the number of cases will reach 20 thousand and a decline is expected at the end of April and the beginning of May. The most important factors in the decline will be the increase in air temperatures, the transition from closed environments to open air and the distance. Experts state that the summer months will be partially comfortable, and new decisions will be discussed depending on the development in the mutation. The vaccine is not yet evaluated because it has not been made sufficiently. If vaccination increases, the effect will only be seen in the summer months.


In the meetings, it was stated that the removal of the restrictions does not mean that the mask and distance are also removed, and that the old prohibitions can be reversed if the rules are not followed, and the sensitivity of the public should be increased. It is stated that the increase in Istanbul started in the second half of February, after the removal of the restrictions, there was an increase of 50 percent in those who had a test for illness and a 20 percent increase in the rate of illness. It was learned that some members of the Scientific Committee commented that there was a rapid contamination due to mutation, that this increased domestic contamination, they wanted to return to the weekend bans in provinces other than the blue-coded provinces, and to limit the entry and exit from the red-coded provinces.

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