3 cups of coffee a day reduces cancer risk by 52 percent

Semra DEMİR-Doğan GÜNDOĞDU / İSTANBUL (DHA) | Monday, April 12, 2021 – 11:01 | Last Updated: 12 04 2021 – 11:01

Stating that coffee plays a big role in keeping cancer away from the body, Gastroenterology Specialist Prof. Dr. Vedat Göral said, “It was observed that people who consume more than 3-4 cups of coffee a day have 52 percent less liver cancer, 36 percent less colon cancer, and 13 percent less stomach and pancreatic cancer.”

Prof. Dr. Vedat Göral made statements about the comparative study conducted by the University of Southern California on food consumption of 5 thousand 145 cancer patients and 4 thousand 97 people in the control group published by the American Cancer Research Association.

Stating that gastric cancer has decreased according to research conducted for 30 years, Prof. Dr. Göral said, “According to the results of the research, we see that the colon cancer has increased. The good news of this situation is that the life span of colon cancer is longer. We have very few patients who have overturned five years in stomach cancer. Large intestine cancer can be diagnosed early, ”he said.


Stating that coffee is a miraculous food supplement according to the data obtained from many studies, especially the research in question, Prof. Dr. Göral said, “Within the scope of the studies conducted in the USA and Japan, it was determined that the course of cancer disease progressed slowly in those who consume coffee regularly among the people whose diet was followed for 12 years. The situation has been proven to be different in those who receive chemotherapy and drink coffee and those who do not drink coffee after chemotherapy. Coffee slows down the course of cancer due to substances such as polyphenols, coffee beans and cafestol. A 36 percent decrease in the course of colon cancer was observed when more than 3-4 cups of coffee was consumed per day. Of course the coffee should be sugar free. Coffee can be caffeinated or decaffeinated. ” used the expressions.

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Emphasizing that coffee is a cancer fighter, Prof. Dr. Vedat Göral continued as follows:

“Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-cytokine effects, it reduces the course of apoptosis and cancer cells positively. Coffee needs to be drunk regularly. Drinking a cup of coffee a day or a week will not be effective against cancer. The production, consumption and type of coffee also affect this course. We can say that coffee is a recommendation for cancer patients. Coffee doesn’t just slow down the course of colon cancer. It slows down the course of stomach and pancreatic cancer by 13 percent and liver cancer by 52 percent. We also consider coffee to be liver friendly. Fatty liver also prevents inflammation and cirrhosis. “


Stating that colon cancer is more common in men both in our country and in the world, Prof. Dr. “Smoking, consuming too much red meat, consuming less citrus fruits and consuming too much fatty food trigger colon cancer. Smoking and alcohol should not be consumed, and citrus fruits should be consumed too much. We also recommend reducing the consumption of red meat and fatty foods. We encourage Mediterranean and Aegean type of diet. Sugar, flour and salt should be avoided. “We cannot change genetic factors in cancers, but we can change environmental factors,” he said.

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