4 thousand midwives support the war with the pandemic in the filming teams

04 May 2021 Tuesday – 18:00 | Last Updated: 04 05 2021 – 18:00

Stating that MENTS are the valuable members of the healthcare team responsible for meeting the needs of women and their families, and that they are the health consultants of the society, Öğr. See. Özlem Demir made a statement on May 5, World Midwives Day. Demir stated that approximately 4 thousand midwives work in the filming teams in Turkey.

Explaining that midwifery, one of the oldest professions in history, has an important role in the formation of healthy society and individuals, Altınbaş University Health Services Vocational School Öğr. See. Özlem Demir said, “The World Health Organization (WHO), the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and the Ministry of Health in Turkey generally branch the midwifery profession on the health of women aged 15-49 and children aged 0-4. The percentage of these groups in the population reaches 70 percent, ”he said.


Özlem Demir emphasized that midwives, who started to work with nearly 1,700 undergraduate and graduate graduates from 46 faculties in Turkey every year, have a great role in the rapid decrease of mother-infant mortality rates in Turkey, especially in recent years. Demir noted that with the support of midwives in the light of these statistics, more than 85 percent of both sexual and reproductive health services and family planning and management of sexually transmitted diseases will be provided.


Stating that midwives are at the center of the fight against the Kovid-19 pandemic, Özlem Demir shared the following information:

“There are nearly 60 thousand midwives in Turkey and about 25 thousand of these midwives work in primary preventive health services. During this period, midwives have taken their place in the fight against the Kovid-19 pandemic with a multidisciplinary team work. and their numbers are increasing day by day. “

Emphasizing that midwifery support gains even more importance as women conceive with the pandemic and the women and their families continue to need support and care, Demir said, “In addition to the services provided in this process, Kovid-19 contact pregnancy monitoring, birth and postpartum special midwifery treatments have also been added. “Midwives continue to provide life-saving services, achieve healthy results for women and babies, and work for a healthy future.”

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