8 golden suggestions for the ideal weight in summer

Studies conducted in recent years; While revealing that there is a relationship between short sleep duration and many diseases, it shows that insufficient sleep makes weight loss difficult and can make weight gain easier. One reason is the effect of insufficient sleep on appetite hormones! When you sleep poorly, the hormone that sends satiety signals works less. In addition, sleeping less increases the time that can be spent for eating and can lead to night snacks. You can think of the ideal sleep time as 6-8 hours.

Make sure to drink 2 liters of water a day

Leaving the body without water causes disruptions in the body’s working system. Headaches, decrease in mental and physical performance, false signals of hunger are some of these disruptions. It is necessary to drink 8-10 glasses of water in order to avoid these problems, to facilitate digestion and absorption and to provide more comfortable satiety. Drinking hot or cold water has no effect on speeding up weight loss.

Do not miss the vegetables from your table

Vegetables that are a source of vitamins, minerals and pulp should be indispensable for the tables. Be sure to add vegetables to all your meals. Consuming vegetables will strengthen your immunity, as well as keep you full during the day and will help to remove edema from your body. Vegetables; You can consume it with salad, sauté, boiled, olive oil.

Eat raw nuts

Consuming dried fruits such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts allows you to get quality oil and prolongs the satiety period. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol and shows cardioprotective properties. Make sure that the nuts you eat are raw, as roasted nuts will be more fatty and salty. A handful of raw nuts will be a great alternative for breakfast or snacks. However, avoid excessive consumption.

Do not snack on foot

Fast snacking prevents you from realizing what and how much you eat and can cause you to eat fast. Fast food makes it difficult to reach the feeling of satiety. Putting your food in small plates and small bowls is an important tactic to see what you are eating, to make you eat slower, to get full quicker and therefore to facilitate weight loss.

Movement is a must!

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Melike Şeyma Deniz said, “With the pandemic coming into our lives and the time we spend at home increasing, our level of physical activity has decreased more than ever. On the other hand, ways to increase movement at home, online lessons, sports videos have become very diverse and their accessibility has increased. You should definitely increase your movement at home or outside. In its latest physical activity report, the World Health Organization recommends adults move 150-300 minutes a week for health benefits. Include any physical activity you like in your life, such as regular brisk walking, skipping rope, pilates, yoga, dance, at home or outside.

Benefit from the power of spices

Spices such as ginger, turmeric, black pepper, chili pepper and cinnamon have different and versatile effects on strengthening immunity, maintaining blood sugar control, balancing appetite, and accelerating weight loss. While the daily amount recommended for daily salt consumption is 5-6 grams, studies show that the daily consumption in our country is around 15 grams. Using spices; It will also help reduce salt.

Slow down while eating

Try to slow down while eating, increase the number of chews. Studies show that as the speed of eating decreases, that is, the number of chewing increases, the amount of food we eat decreases and that after-meal satiety increases. It will help to slow down when you are doing work, while working, instead of eating while watching something, rather than devoting a certain amount of time to eating and leaving the fork and spoon after each bite.

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