A new mutation of Covid-19 discovered in Finland that could be hidden in enzyme tests

Vita Laboratories in Helsinki announced that an unprecedented “unique” mutation of Covid-19 was detected, according to the Finnish public broadcaster YLE.

It was stated that the mutated Covid-19 type, called “Fin-796H”, shared some traits with mutations previously seen in England and South Africa, but had a completely new genetic combination.

Finnish scientists warned that the uniquely structured virus could be hidden from PCR tests looking for genetic sequences specific to Covid-19 RNA in throat and nose swabs.

It is thought that the new mutation, which is not yet more contagious or more resistant to immunity, came from abroad to Finland, where the number of Covid-19 cases is relatively low.

The Covid-19 mutation, which has appeared in the UK so far in Finland, was seen in 422 cases, the South African mutation in 22 cases, and the Brazilian mutation in 1 case.

While a total of 52 thousand 209 cases were seen in the country, 725 people died due to the virus.

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