Adults are as at risk as children

Emsey Hospital said that leukemia is more common in children aged 2-6 and that blood cancers are divided into two according to their growth rate and cell type. Dr. Birol Baytan said, “According to the growth rate of cancerous cells, acute leukemias are rapidly proliferating and chronic leukemias are leukemias that grow slowly. “It is possible to evaluate leukemia in two groups as myeloblastic and lymphoblastic according to the cell type.”


Stating that families should be very careful about children in leukemia, Baytan used the following statements:

“It is very important for parents to know their children well, to follow them well. A few symptoms should be experienced at the same time and at frequent intervals in making a diagnosis. Fatigue may be due to a busy day that day or a place it hits without realizing it may be bruised. Many of these symptoms are single. Symptoms such as fatigue and weakness, which are seen as ordinary in the daily lives of children, may actually be caused by the inability to produce red blood cells. bleeding, weight loss, enlarged lymph nodes, night sweats and abdominal swelling. You can consult your physician if a few of them are seen at the same time or at frequent intervals. “


Stating that the priority in the treatment of leukemia is chemotherapy, Prof. Dr. Birol Baytan said, “Planning chemotherapy treatment is specific to each child and is evaluated according to the response given to treatment. Depending on the risk group in acute leukemias, 80 – 90 percent can be treated with chemotherapy alone. According to the chemotherapy response, a group of children receive a bone marrow transplant following chemotherapy. A significant increase in the recovery rate is expected by transplanting stem cells collected from a suitable donor to the child. As the number of donors to the stem cell (Bone Marrow) bank has increased with the increase of awareness in recent years, the possibility of finding a suitable donor also increases. It should not be forgotten that anyone in good health can save lives by giving 1 tube of blood ”.


Although the cause of cancer formation is not known exactly, Prof. Dr. Birol Baytan said, “It is necessary to keep children away from smoking, radiation, chemicals and unhealthy foods as much as possible in daily life. Children are exposed to serious radiation in every area they live in, and many technological devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers that we put in their hands emit radiation. Regular sleep of children and the lights off in the room where they sleep will ensure the secretion of melatonin hormone and increase the quality of sleep ”.

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