Advanced study results of Novavax vaccine announced

Another vaccine developed against the corona virus has come close to gaining approval.

There are promising results regarding the vaccine developed by the American pharmaceutical company Novavax.

In the advanced study conducted in England, the overall efficiency of the vaccine was determined to be 90 percent.

The effectiveness of the vaccine is about 96 percent in the original variant of the corona virus, and 86 percent against the species first seen in England.

In a previous small study, it was stated that the vaccine was also 55 percent effective against the South African variant. However, despite the low rate, it was seen that the vaccine completely prevented severe illness and death.

After the data was shared with the public, the company’s shares increased by 22 percent.

Novavax hopes to obtain a use permit from the countries’ authorized drug regulatory agencies, with the results of the study with broad participation.

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