An exhibition of pictures made by children with cancer was opened

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An exhibition of works on canvas, oil paint and wood made by children with cancer who are still being treated in a private hospital in Istanbul was opened. The children could not come to the exhibition because it was risky due to the coronavirus, but the pictures they made decorated the walls of the hospital. Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Birol Baytan said, “While painting, we saw that their pains decreased and they became more compatible with the treatment. They are very talented, and their imaginations are very rich.”

The pictures and the works they painted by children with cancer between the ages of 3 and 15 were exhibited. The children fascinated themselves with the pictures they made. The opening of the exhibition organized within the scope of the social responsibility project was realized with a reed flute.


Making a statement about the works, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Birol Byte, “the Pediatric Hematology and we organized the exhibition of the pictures have made the sick children, including foreigners weight lying in the transport unit in the Department of Oncology. Our patients from abroad or to be transported to Turkey or bone marrow comes to getting the chemotherapy they could not get in their country. Of course, this “They stay in the rooms only with their mothers for a long time during the process,” he said.
Stating that the children are directed to different endeavors both to raise their morale and to distract them, Prof. Dr. Baytan said, “We had a picture done with the help of our psychologists, nurses and doctors. At the same time, they painted stones and made models of houses and cars. They carried out various activities similar to this ”.


Stating that the sick children come from Ukraine, Romania, Turkic Republics and Azerbaijan, Prof. Dr. Baytan said, “Art is a little ahead of us in these countries. Almost all of the children are either playing an instrument or are very talented in painting. Thus, we saw how rich their imaginations and worlds were. We were very happy and wanted to exhibit these works and share our happiness with other friends ”.


Prof. Dr. Baytan said, “The 3-year-old child put his hand on a piece of paper and drew his surroundings. Some of them painted his favorite cartoon hero. Some drew what he wanted to be. One of our patients wanted to be a music teacher, he painted the piano and a ballerina. “They painted stone, they made toys like a zoo,” he said.


BDrawing attention to the increase in children’s compliance with treatment in this process, Prof. Dr. Baytan said, “While it is very difficult to give children medicine, when we said ‘take that pill, let’s paint together’, they started drinking immediately. Thus, they immediately drank the medicine that we could not drink for hours. While painting, we saw that the pains were reduced. Because if you concentrate on just one thing in a closed room, you will inevitably find something to wear. The children’s heads fell apart while painting and painting. His morale increased, we received very positive feedback ”.


Psychologist Büşra Sibel Boshöyük said, “Children receive treatment for a long time, they get bored quickly because they are young. We support them to have a good treatment process with play therapy. Sometimes children refuse treatment, so we make sure that they spend this process in harmony with games. It is of great benefit to them that they paint. Since they are from different cultures and languages, we create a common language with play therapy. “Treatment is difficult so we get pictures made to understand the psychology of the children.”


from Azerbaijan to Turkey for treatment 9-year-old Beta Thalassemia (Mediterranean anemia) patients Guler Ahmadova, I’m bored of pictures in the hospital. “I am very happy and having fun while painting,” he said.

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