Antibody explanation: T cells fight corona

Friday, April 23, 2021 – 18:05 | Last Updated: 23 04 2021 – 18:05

Prof. Dr. Güner Sönmez said, “Those who are vaccinated think that only the antibody protects, but our immune system has an antibody response and a cellular response. “Not only antibody levels, but also B and T cells help fight the coronavirus,” he said.

Noting that it is unnecessary to have antibodies measured frequently after the COVID vaccine, Prof. Dr. Sonmez said, “Once T cells develop a defense against the virus, they can fight for many years. “We saw it in SARS,” he said.

Many people who have the vaccine have their immunity levels measured with antibody tests. However, Üsküdar University Radiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Güner Sönmez, stating that antibody tests are a commercial trend, warns:

“People think that only antibodies protect, but our immune system has an antibody response and a cellular response. B and T cells are fighters at the forefront of viral diseases. Once B cells recognize the virus, they can continue to produce antibodies against the virus very quickly, no matter how much time has passed. T cells immediately recognize the virus, and fight and destroy all its variants. In other words, there is no need to have antibodies measured frequently and experience anxiety. Once T cells have developed a defense against viruses, they can fight effectively against all their variants for many years. “

In 2003, it was revealed that immunity was still continuing in the measurements 17 years later in patients who had SARS. It was found that this immunity continued for 34 years in those who were vaccinated against rubella. Therefore, in COVID-19, after everyone is vaccinated and T cells are able to recognize the virus, it will be like flu. “


According to a study, T cells recognize 52 parts of the virus. So it can recognize all variants.

– T cells cannot be detected by simple blood tests, but antibodies can be detected. Therefore, antibody values ​​are measured.

T cells are not affected by variants, according to studies. So he can continue to fight.

– T cells may not protect from the disease, but they prevent the disease from progressing to a severe course.

– T cells have a very long memory, so they only need to recognize the virus once.

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