Attention for allergic individuals! It spreads poison …

Pine beetles (caterpillars), which nest and multiply in forest areas in April and May, cause skin diseases due to the poison they spread when they come into contact with humans and animals. Experts say that it is necessary to be careful against pine beetles, which cause redness, skin rash, and swelling on the skin with its hairy structure and the liquid it secretes.


Dermatologist Prof. Dr. Neslihan Şendur, “Pine beetle, when it touches, can be very dangerous, especially for allergic individuals. It can cause redness, swelling, red rash in places where it touches the body. These rashes can be very itchy. After itching, it can also cause many skin diseases. Atopic eczema may also cause skin changes due to eczema. With the formation of bacterial infections on the skin due to itching, rashes may become more watery and crusted sores. They should consult their expert, “he said.

Saying that it can be a creature that children are curious about due to its hairy and soft body structures, Şendur said, “These insects, which are in the form of pouches on the branches of the trees, should not be tried to fall to the ground. These insects can become children’s toys after they fall on the ground. Touching or loving these insects like toys can become dangerous, “he said.


Stating that insects harm not only humans but also animals, veterinarian Doğa Erdinç said, “Especially young dogs are very active and very curious about other creatures in nature. Dogs want to touch the creatures they are curious about with their tongue and cats with their paws. Cats that touch with their paws experience problems such as swelling and lameness in their paws. My advice to people with pets from here is that if there is a foaming, swelling, strange behavior in their mouth, they should take them to a veterinary clinic without wasting any time.


Ferdan Çiftçi, former head of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, said that pine beetles are a harmful species in the butterfly family. Stating that pine beetles are a species that harms red pine, blackgrass and cedar species, Çiftçi said:

“They feed on the leaves of pine trees. Their bodies are hairy. They live 35-40 square meters in length and in columns. They move like a wagon train on the roads and lay their eggs in the place where they are after they are fed. After laying their eggs, they go under the ground and spend the pupal period under the ground.” They can stay for up to four years. In their struggle, spraying cannot be done, they should be fought naturally. There are birds and bats that feed on these insects. By placing these birds and bats on the tree branches where the insects nest, the insects can be exhausted or they can be collected without harming these insects. ”

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