Be careful when buying dates! ‘They’re soaking in water with glucose syrup’

Hakan TURKTAN-Caner AKSU (DHA) | Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – 11:45 | Last Updated: 14 04 2021 – 11:45

With the month of Ramadan in Eskişehir, with the month of Ramadan, date sales are increasing, Koray Özkılıç warned about the indispensable taste of iftar and sahur and said, “Since the sugar rate of dates from Iran and Libya is low, they are soaking them in glucose syrup to accelerate their sales. “When they will have problems with sugar,” he said.

Koray Özkılıç, who sells 17 kinds of dates in his shop in Arifiye District, warned about the shopping of dates, which is indispensable for iftar and sahur tables in Ramadan. Explaining that dates with low sugar content, especially from Iran and Libya, are dipped in water with glucose syrup for sweetening, Özkılıç said, “Our date variety is abundant. We have 17 types of dates from Arabia, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. Date prices start from 15 lira and go up to 80 lira. The feature of the date; It is the feeling of being full while fasting, and it does not make you feel hungry because of its high fiber ratio. Since the sugar content of dates from Iran and Libya is low, they soak them in water with glucose syrup to speed up their sales. We do not approve of this. The date itself is already sweet, and when it is put into glucose syrup, its taste may increase, but its durability decreases. It should be consumed in a very short time. Most importantly, diabetics will have problems with sugar when they take glucose syrup, ”he said.


Stating that the Jerusalem date sold in the market and produced by playing with the genetics of the Medina date is preferred by the elderly due to its softness, Özkılıç said that it does not benefit the body because of its low fiber ratio.

“The best are Medina dates. It is the date with a high fiber ratio; However, unfortunately, as in every field, in the food sector, there is a type of date that we call Jerusalem date. This date is grown by manipulating the genetics of the Medina date. Jerusalem palm is a soft palm. That is why it is a preferred date for the elderly. A date that is low in fiber, good in flavor, but does not give much to the body in terms of protein. The elderly mostly prefer this date because of their teeth. However, the dates they bought are useless. The king of the date is the Medina Mebrum date. Even if the medina persists for 2-3 years, it does not deteriorate in any way and does not lose its properties. Because it is a hard date, it has a high fiber rate, but if the Jerusalem date is not sold within 1 month after leaving the icehouse, it starts to deteriorate. Its flavor and taste disappears and a whitish color occurs outside. ”

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