Bird flu is transmitted to humans for the first time – health news

Popova made statements about bird flu at the briefing she held in the capital Moscow.

Popova stated that “A (H5N8)” avian flu was first encountered in humans in Russia, “Bird flu was detected by scientists of the Vector Research Center in 7 employees of a chicken farm in the south of the country. In this farm, an epidemic of avian influenza occurred in December 2020. is the first case detected in the world, “he said.

Stating that those who catch bird flu feel good, Popova underlined that the virus in question does not pass from person to person.

Popova noted that they informed the World Health Organization (WHO) on this issue.

Rinat Maksyutov, General Director of the Vector Research Center, also announced that they can develop a test system that detects avian influenza in humans and a vaccine against the virus.


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