Cancer does! Do not buy it, stop using it immediately

gave | Monday, February 22, 2021 – 10:58 | Last Updated: 22 02 2021 – 11:03

Many people, especially women, prefer fake ones because they are affordable. A very important warning came. It turns out that it causes cancer. A large number of counterfeit perfumes were seized in operations organized in manufacturing shops and warehouses in Istanbul, which were determined to produce fake perfumes. Prof. Dr. Oğuz Özyaral talked about the things to pay attention to when buying perfume. Özyaral said, “Fake perfume causes skin cancer, creates problems in the respiratory tract. Be sure to check the authenticity of the products with the ÜTS application, which can be downloaded free of charge to TÜBİTAK’s mobile phones.”

In the last operation, 24 thousand bottles of fake perfume were seized after it was detected that fake perfumes of world famous brands were marketed through virtual stores opened on the most shopping websites across the country and from peddlers. Experts say that fake perfume can cause many diseases, from skin cancer to the respiratory tract. Istanbul Rumeli University Vice Rector Microbiologist Preventive Health Specialist Prof. Dr. Oğuz Özyaral stated that while purchasing perfume, the reliability should be tested considering the health problems it may cause, and products that are below market value should be avoided.


Drawing attention to 2 points about fake perfumes, Prof. Dr. Oğuz Özyaral said, “One of them is that it is under the stairs, the tax is not paid for its unlicensed production. When you look at this dimension, it has all kinds of damage to the economy and society. When you consider it directly as a user, the damage begins to be divided within itself. And some production technologies should be used in cosmetics.Which technique, how did it do it under the ladder, how it bottled, how it filled, we face serious problems and some health problems. When you apply it to the skin, there is great irritation. There are other chemicals it puts in, so that it can add color and increase the smell. Because the alcohol it puts in will create a problem if it is not used cosmetically. So who knows which secondary product he listed and reused. may be, this is a direct trigger to skin cancer, “he said.


Prof. Dr. Özyaral said, “There is an application of TÜBİTAK that we can download to our mobile phones; Product Tracking System. So ÜTS. We download it. If the product we want to buy is a product that is said to be really reliable and quality, that is, if it has quality assurance, when you scan its barcode or QR code, the system will immediately It tells you whether this product is under the stairs or not. It tells you whether it is reliable, whether it has a license and what is inside. If we say that we can buy it with great ease. Where we should not buy it, it is placed in a similar packaging, but the label price is quite high. but never and never buy a product that they offer you this for a tenth of the price “.


Selling perfume in Eminönü and the Flood, claiming that the product of the original line, “scent of perfume coming from France. We sell in Turkey. 50 cc of $ 60. 100 cc 110 TL. The original essence one day permanently. 2 days permanently there, but 250 TL. Products have barcodes, “he said. As a result of the DHA team checking the perfume over the ÜTS system, it was revealed that the product was not registered in the system.

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