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Tuesday, February 16, 2021 – 15:12 | Last Updated: 16 02 2021 – 15:12

Breast asymmetry, which is encountered in approximately 85% of women, is a very natural situation. Situations where asymmetry is evident can disturb the person both in terms of aesthetics and health. Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Op. Dr. Ilsun Aka tells for you.

What is chest asymmetry?

Women usually have different breast sizes. Differences that do not bother the person may not be noticed as they do not cause problems. However, in cases where the difference in breast volume, nipple level, breast diameter difference and shape differences seen in the breasts are evident, the person may experience problems in terms of aesthetics and health. In cases of pronounced asymmetries, the person does not prefer to wear cleavage clothes and feels insecure.

What are the causes of chest asymmetry?

Although the causes of asymmetry vary from person to person, the most common causes are;

  • Asymmetry after breastfeeding: After the birth and breastfeeding process is completed, volume loss and sagging in the breast can be seen or cause the existing asymmetry to be evident.
  • Asymmetry caused by the sagging of large breasts: Big breasts may sag over time due to gravity. This sagging causes asymmetry in the breasts.
  • Developmental problems: During the breast development period due to genetic factors, the breasts may not grow evenly or chest cage deformities (such as pigeon breast)

How is breast asymmetry treated?

Treatment methods are decided according to the needs of the person and the condition of the breasts. The main thing in the methods is to determine the difference between the breasts. In order to calculate the difference correctly, imaging devices that measure very precisely are used.

The procedures that can be applied are if one breast of the person is normal and the other breast is small, fat injection method or silicone implant method may be preferred. In the opposite cases, the breasts are equalized by applying a reduction procedure to the big breast. In case of sagging big breasts, the upright method is preferred.

There may also be situations in which breasts do not develop at all. In these cases, fat and muscle tissue can be transferred from the abdomen, waist or hip region with micro surgical methods. A new breast is created with the tissues removed. Implants can be used according to the needs and preferences of the person.

When can treatment methods be applied?

For practices that do not require urgency in terms of health, it is recommended that the person be completed sexual maturity, the menstrual period started at least 3 years ago and is over 18 years old.

In contrast to this situation, the surgery should be performed earlier in the excessive growth of breasts seen in young girls called virgin hypertrophy.

How is the recovery process after surgery?

After the operation, special bras and corsets should be used for the period recommended by the doctor. The person can return to his daily life after 5-6 days. It is recommended not to lift heavy loads and to lie on your back for 8 – 10 days.

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