‘Complete closure, opportunity for return to normal’

gave | 01 May 2021 Saturday – 16:22 | Last Updated: 01 05 2021 – 16:22

Nurse Züleyha Ersançmış (36), who worked at Gazi University Hospital, regained her health by defeating the coronavirus she caught while struggling with the pandemic. Returning to his duty again, Ersançmış said, “Complete closure, this is a great opportunity to start a normal life.”

Züleyha Ersançmış, who has been a nurse for 15 years at Gazi University Hospital, caught coronavirus with her husband, mother-in-law and 2 children in August last year. After the short-term treatment in the hospital, Ersançmış, who continued to be treated at home for 14 days, overcame the disease and resumed his duty. Ersançmış, saying that he had a severe disease, said, “It is really difficult to have respiratory distress. I wonder if I will be intubated, will I go to intensive care if my disease progresses.” This is really scary, it is very difficult to live knowing this. I was constantly monitoring oxygen at home, following my breathing he said.


Züleyha Ersançmış noted that he and his wife and mother-in-law also got coronavirus and had a severe illness enough to stay in the hospital. Ersançmış, emphasizing that healthcare professionals work with great sacrifices and continue to work, “We could not see that our children grow up. While healthcare professionals work with such devotion, there is a group outside who do not obey the rules. The number of cases is increasing again, our people have to take this disease seriously. We have patients. People need to take it seriously and show sensitivity. They need to stay at home, support healthcare professionals by observing the rules of masks, distance, hygiene. This is not a struggle that can only be won with the efforts of healthcare professionals. Our people should also act with us in this struggle, because we are really tired, “We want our people to follow the rules and behave selflessly. Staying at home is easier than being sick, the disease process is harder and heavier, so it is much easier to stay at home and follow the rules, they can do that.”


Nurse Züleyha Ersançmış, “Our wish is to end this pandemic process as soon as possible and to return to our normal lives now. We see here what patients go through in Covid-19 disease. It is a very difficult process, it is really difficult for patients to have respiratory distress and not be able to breathe. We see how precious a breath is. We, as healthcare professionals, experienced it and empathized when we were sick. Now we have complete closure in front of us, this is a great opportunity to start a normal life. So we want everyone to follow the rules of mask, distance and hygiene. “We hope that this epidemic process will end as soon as possible and return to normal life altogether. 3-week full closure is in question, our citizens and us need to turn this into an opportunity.”

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