Coronavirus increased stress, anxiety and loneliness of employees

gave | Wednesday, February 17, 2021 – 16:52 | Last Updated: 17 02 2021 – 16:52

According to a survey study conducted by the World Economic Forum-Ipsos, the inability to completely prevent the epidemic has increased stress, anxiety and loneliness among employees. While approximately 30 percent of working adults take leave for this reason, 56 percent stated that they are worried about job security, and 55 percent stated that they are stressed due to changes in work routines and organization. Performance and mentor coach Fatih Elibol pointed out that this problem, which causes 30 percent of employees to take leave, can have devastating consequences.

MCC (Master Certified Coach) Fatih Elibol evaluated the results of a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum-Ipsos. According to the study, the inability to completely prevent the epidemic increased stress, anxiety and loneliness among employees.

Expressing that people who spend a lot of time on themselves are perceived as cold people by others, Fatih Elibol said, “This situation can be a real problem when the person lacks the social skills required for even the lowest level of communication. Someone who does not know how to make even a very small conversation. Even if he is thirsty for socialization, he may act as if he does not want to be friends with others. it causes too much reliance on stimuli from others, “he said.


Supporting the leading professional executives of the world as a performance coach, Fatih Elibol said, “The feeling of loneliness can have devastating consequences in both personal and professional life in the long term. Together with the motivation of the person, it consumes both life and working energy. In this case, we see individuals who do not enjoy any of their activities, are not satisfied and question their purpose of existence. Although all these are very justified expressions, they are problems that must be addressed and solved. We can say that the feeling of loneliness, which we see to be triggered even more during the difficult pandemic process we are in, is mostly due to lack of communication and social needs. “Preventing this depends on the approach and support of the environment in which the individual is with his own efforts.”


Stating that managers have important responsibilities in preventing emotional difficulties that employees struggle in especially in professional life, Fatih Elibol said, “During the pandemic process, the dialogue of managers with employees becomes more important than ever. Because, regardless of the scale, in all professional structures, individuals have a new common point apart from corporate goals. This is the first time we encounter this extraordinary process as overcoming. However, it is clear that this will not be possible with motivational speeches or forward-looking promises alone. At this point, coaching support should be put on the agenda. Although individuals have come a certain way in their lives, as we have witnessed during the pandemic process, the changing conditions of life are emotionally challenging for individuals. For this reason, professional coaching support has become frequently used by companies. “We are adding success to their success in line with their corporate and individual values ​​by helping teams overcome the feeling of loneliness they face in the pandemic, especially with team and group coaching”.


Expressing the details of the activities carried out within the scope of coaching support, Fatih Elibol said, “Coaching support basically aims to increase the awareness of individuals about how to set goals in their renewed lives. In other words, we enable the participants to realize themselves, to open their perceptions and to reveal their own potential. Thus, they can improve their communication skills by analyzing their environment, and strengthen their adaptation to current conditions and transformation through coaching. They can take more conscious steps on the road to success. ” he spoke.

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