Coronavirus strikes people with diabetes the most! Most severe cases are diabetic!

Stating that diabetics should be more careful against Kovid-19 than anyone else, Alper Çelik, President of the Turkish Metabolic Surgery Foundation, said, “As explained by the World Health Organization, Kovid-19 is watched in the most severe diabetic patients. The coronavirus also raises sugar. “Sugar, which is 120, goes up to 175 in those who had coronavirus,” he said.

Stating that diabetics who are afraid of Kovid-19 show great interest in surgeries, Çelik said, “Taking advantage of restriction, he made an operation appointment. All days have already passed. We encourage our patients by saying, “Do not be corona, have surgery,” he said.


Stating that the World Health Organization also warned about diabetes, Çelik said, “The number of diabetes patients has increased four times in the last 40 years worldwide. It was pointed out as the only major noncommunicable disease with increased risk of dying prematurely. In addition, as WHO explains, most of the serious patients hospitalized due to Kovid-19 have diabetes “.


Çelik warned that those who have diabetes but have coronary artery disease should be twice as careful and said, “Because this disease causes people to lose their lives due to vascular occlusion. For this reason, especially those who have stents in the cabin and those who have had heart surgery should pay attention ”.

Noting that diabetic patients should pay attention to blood sugar regulation, Çelik said, “In addition to what everyone should obey such as masks, distance and hygiene, they should not neglect healthy food, exercise and medications. If there is vascular damage, they should use blood thinners with the doctor’s recommendation, ”he said.

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