Could the sense of smell lost due to Covid-19 come back? – Health News

At first he was unaware of anything. But after a few days, Anne-Sophie Leurquin felt that something was missing. The basil on the refrigerator seemed to have lost its freshness, just as she could not smell the coffee and lavender and rose essence soap she had drunk in the morning. All that remained was just a dull feeling of numbness.

Luerguin felt, in his own words, endless tiredness after his Covid-19 test was positive in October last year. And suddenly he lost his ability to smell. Entirely. Six months after her illness, the Belgian woman summed up her feeling, “Sometimes I think I have something like depression,” to DW. After a while, Luerguin realized that although he started to smell some scents, he could not get it as before. The technical equivalent of what he’s going through is his parosmia, which is the inability to detect odors accurately.

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