Covid-19 can cause permanent hearing and taste losses

AA | Friday, April 23, 2021 – 17:54 | Last Updated: 23 04 2021 – 17:54

Düzce University Head of Ear Nose Throat Department Prof. Dr. Ender Güçlü, “We see that the coronavirus leaves various permanent damages in those who survive the disease. For example, we saw our patients with hearing loss.” said.

Düzce University (DU) Ear Nose Throat Department Head Prof. Dr. Ender Güçlü stated that the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) can cause permanent hearing and smell loss in those who suffer from the disease.

Güçlü said to the AA reporter that in this period when the threat of epidemic is being fought, attention should be paid to every cold, with the thought of “coronavirus”.

Pointing out the importance of testing in the early period, Güçlü said, “We pay attention to the loss of smell and taste in our area of ​​expertise. If there is a loss of smell and taste, it is highly likely that the person has been infected with the virus. Other viral infections can also cause odor loss, but that can do so often and for a long time. There is no virus. This loss of smell and taste is specific to coronavirus. There is no additional treatment for this. ” he spoke.

Strong, emphasizing that the disease should be taken seriously, called for strict adherence to masks, distance, hygiene and other measures.

Stressing that the rate of spread of the disease and the risk of contagion has increased in recent months, Güçlü noted that everyone should fulfill their responsibility for both their own and the public health as a citizenship duty.

“We see that the coronavirus causes various permanent damages in those who survive the disease”

Stating that two-thirds of those caught in the strong coronavirus survived the disease without a permanent effect, he explained that the disease could leave permanent scars on the remainder of the disease.

Referring to the possible permanent effects of Kovid-19, Güçlü said, “For example, we saw our patients with hearing loss. Recently, we detected inflammation in the goiter area, which we call the thyroid gland. We may encounter those who have not recovered even after months. The damages this disease has left in just one year, we do not know exactly what will happen in the future. ” he spoke.

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