Critical warning after full closure!

Hitit University Vice Rector and Faculty of Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases Professor. Dr. Nurcan Baykam told Anadolu Agency (AA) that CCHF cases started to appear in some provinces and Çorum as the weather got warmer.

Stating that the fight against CCHF since 2003 has been overshadowed by the fight against Kovid-19 for 2 years, Baykam explained that both diseases initially appeared with symptoms such as high fever, head and body pain, muscle pain, weakness, diarrhea.

Emphasizing that both citizens and healthcare professionals should act carefully in terms of correct diagnosis in similar complaints, Baykam said, “We had this experience in our clinic during the period of CCHF last year. In patients who applied to hospitals with the Kovid-19 symptom and did not say that there was tick contact, we made a blood test and found the positivity.” used the expression.

Noting that the transmission routes and prevention measures of both diseases with similar initial symptoms are different, Baykam continued as follows:

“CCHF is an important disease like Kovid-19 and has a higher mortality rate. We talked about continuous masks, social distance, hand hygiene to combat Kovid-19. By making an analogy, applying the ‘social distance’ rule against ticks is probably in order to protect from CCHF disease. We can think of it as the most important precaution that can be taken. This discourse is important in terms of acting consciously by attracting the attention of the society. Measures should be taken to prevent the tick from coming into the body. Since the tick will walk and hold on to bare skin, this process can be prevented by wearing closed clothes from the foot or by putting the trousers in socks. “

Opening to nature after “complete closure” may cause an increase in CCHF cases

Baykam pointed out that nowadays, in addition to those in agricultural areas, in areas where animal husbandry is carried out, with the end of the complete closure implemented as part of the fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic, people can open to nature, which may cause an increase in CCHF cases.

Underlining that the sensitivity shown to Kovid-19 should also be shown against ticks, Baykam said:

“During the day, it is absolutely necessary to prevent tick contact by taking precautions in fields, gardens and places where animals are grazed. On returning home, we should definitely check our body, if there is a tick attachment, we should definitely remove the tick in a short time with forceps or cloth or paper that prevents contact with hands. If there is a center, we can ensure that the tick is removed properly, but if the health center is far, we should not spend time to go there, we should minimize the time of the tick in the body. In the normal period, they will want to see themselves in vineyards, gardens, fields, places where they feel more free. put It is very important to take the necessary precautions in order to prevent this from happening. “

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