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gave | Saturday, April 03, 2021 – 15:57 | Last Updated: 03 04 2021 – 15:57

Saying that with the changing lifestyle during the coronavirus period, children started to spend a lot of time on phones and tablet computers. Dr. Mehmet Bülent Doğu said, “This situation caused an increase in cross-eye in children despite the absence of any genetic predisposition or an eye disorder”.

Stating that strabismus is generally seen in childhood, Op. Dr. Mehmet Bülent Doğu said, “We can describe strabismus as the eye looking from one direction to another. Strabismus has varieties as outward, forward, upward or cross shifting. The causes of strabismus are congenital eye disorders, a defective eye or what we call amblyopia. Low eyelid and congenital cataracts that prevent vision are also other causes of crossing. There are treatment methods such as the glasses we use to correct the eye disorder and the techniques we call eye closure. If these treatments do not give results, they are a good solution in surgery. Strabismus surgeries are successful surgeries. Surgery should be applied when necessary, ”he said.


Stating that botox treatment is applied for the eye muscle in cases where there are too many deviations, Op. Dr. Mehmet Bülent Doğu said, “Strabismus may have a genetic predisposition. In cases where there is eye disorder and crossing in the family, the risk of being in the child increases. In such cases, the sensitivity of families is very important. If the family suspects that their child has a miscarriage, they should definitely take it to an ophthalmologist. We get very good results in early treatments. Cross-eye is seen in 87 out of every 100 thousand births. In general, crossing in together with hypermetropic disorders, and crossing out together with myobic eye disorders are more common. He said that shifts occur due to congenital muscle and nerve development disorders.


Stating that every detected strabismus must be under the control of a doctor, Mehmet Bülent Doğu said, “Strabismus generally requires treatment. There are some misconceptions that strabismus will be temporary. After the child reaches school age, surgery is not an option, and the treatment of amblyopia caused by crossing becomes very difficult. Even a child who does not have any complaints should definitely have an eye check from the sixth month ”warned.


Noting that children spent a lot of time in front of the phone and tablet computer with the changing lifestyle during the coronavirus period, Doğu said: “This situation caused an increase in eye crossing even though there was no genetic predisposition or eye disorder in children. Because the eye muscles are overly tired. The relationship between the brain and nervous system of the eye muscles that were exhausted was weakened. Because of this situation, a new type of cross eye emerged. These types of shifts are very difficult to treat. The usual eye closure or eyeglass treatments do not help. Keep your children away from tablets and phones as much as you can. Apart from the online lesson, give your kids less technological equipment. “

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