‘Cyberchondria’ has increased in the coronavirus process

gave | Friday, February 26, 2021 – 13:19 | Last Updated: 26 02 2021 – 13:19

Ankara University Faculty of Educational Sciences, Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Assoc. Dr. İlhan Yalçın said that in the coronavirus process, disease research disease (cyberchondria) on the internet has increased. Yalçın, “This level of cyberchondria especially increases obsessive-compulsive symptoms and makes sleep quality worse,” he said.

Assoc. Dr. Ilhan Yalcin, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) is supported by the scope of the project, he conducted a study on the psychology pandemic. Within the scope of the study, concepts such as cyberchondria, fear of Covid-19, health concerns, obsessive-compulsive (obsession) were examined. Assoc. Dr. Stating that they reached 8,276 people from 12 cities within the scope of the study, Yalçın stated, “When we evaluate the data of these people, we see that the level of cyberchondria increases as the individuals who are vulnerable, weak and weak to illnesses increase. When we looked at the sleep quality rate of 8,276 people we reached, we found that 46 percent had a deterioration in sleep quality with the pandemic period. “As individuals’ behavior of searching for disease on the internet increases, we see poor sleep quality, thoughts and behaviors that repeat obsessive compulsive.”


Assoc. Dr. Yalçın noted that individuals have been doing research on diseases for hours on the internet due to cyberchondria, saying, “Individuals who spend their hours searching on the internet for diseases should stop for a moment and question themselves. ‘Does the action I do provide what I want to achieve, or does it lead to an even worse result? ‘ If our citizens evaluate in this respect, I think that the disease research behavior will decrease obsessively. We are talking about an average of 5 hours on the internet during the pandemic period. People stated their average daily internet usage time as 5 hours, this can go up to 8 hours or down to 2 hours. “It is possible to spend about 5 hours on the Internet outside of work and education.”


Noting that a bit of anxiety about diseases keeps individuals alert and is important in taking precautions, Yalçın said, “But especially being more afraid of Covid-19, feeling more anxious and perceiving yourself more vulnerable to diseases leads to the opposite result. It causes more concerns about the subject, causes them to worry more “he said.

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