Demand for propolis, which gives resistance to the body, increased

Demand for propolis, which is known to strengthen the immune system and increase body resistance, increased during the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic.

Turkey Central Beekeepers Association President Zia Sahin, AA correspondent, said Turkey is in an important position in the world honey production.

Stating that the Turkish honey industry has progressed every year, Şahin said, “With the new type of coronavirus epidemic, the value of honey was better understood. People started to show interest in honey and honey products.” said.

Şahin noted that the epidemic increased interest in propolis, and that about 100 to 150 grams of propolis was produced in a hive.

“People now value these products”

Noting that propolis has many benefits, Şahin said, “Propolis strengthens the immune system, protects against colds, increases body resistance, is good for inflammation. During the pandemic period, people increased their consumption of propolis. The weight of propolis, whose value increased with the pandemic, went from 250 lira to 700 lira. This is for our country. It is an important gratifying situation, because people now value these products. ” he spoke.

Ziya Şahin said that propolis producers should make the right investments and give importance to growing bee products as well as honey.

Describing the best way to use propolis, Şahin said, “Processed propolis is sold in 20-30 gram bottles on the market. We recommend citizens to use between 10 and 12 drops.” used expressions.

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