Depression can make cancer war vulnerability

Kırıkkale University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Oncology, Professor. Dr. Uğur Coşkun stated that the psychological state of the patients and their relatives affects the cancer treatment process and said, “The body’s immune system can weaken due to conditions such as depression and anxiety and may cause weakness in the fight against cancer cells of the patient.” said.

Coşkun, who is also the President of the Association for Access and Development of Current Therapies in Cancer, told AA correspondent that there were no serious problems in the treatment of cancer patients during the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak.

Coşkun stated that very good precautions were taken during the epidemic period, care was taken to the patients and the measures were applied more seriously, and stated that the patients and their relatives were psychologically affected.

Turkey in cancer treatment, hospitals and health personnel, emphasizing that successfully implemented due to a lack of qualified Coskun, “the first Although there is no comprehensive data about the diagnosis Kovid-19 have hesitated to go to the hospital because and we face the patient now has been diagnosed. Therefore, it is our concern. Our patients or healthy When people have complaints, they should not neglect it and should not avoid going to the doctor because of the epidemic. Necessary precautions are taken in hospitals. ” he spoke.

Pointing out that there was no change in the main treatments of cancer patients during the epidemic, Coşkun stated that they applied whatever necessary for the patient’s health.

“We made minor adjustments considering the profit and loss ratio”

Explaining that the blood values ​​of patients decreased in chemotherapy treatment, Coşkun said, “To reduce this, there are treatments that increase blood values ​​and to prevent low white blood cells. We used them more carefully. Apart from that, instead of chemotherapy, we preferred targeted smart drugs in some cases if there are possibilities for alternatives. Instead of applying once a week, we preferred treatments that would make them come to the hospital less than every 3 weeks. We made minor adjustments by considering the profit / loss ratio. In general, we can say that we are successful. ” found the assessment.

Pointing out that patient psychology is very important in the treatment process, Coşkun said:

“The psychological condition of the patients and their relatives directly affects the cancer treatment process. The body’s immune system may weaken due to conditions such as depression and anxiety, and may cause weakness in the fight against cancer cells. In this regard, our study on the compliance of the psychological conditions of the patients and their relatives to treatment within the university. The study has not been completed yet, but according to preliminary results, if patients develop a psychological disturbance due to both cancer and other conditions, the treatment compliance and course of the disease are affected more negatively. We want to take the necessary precautions in a timely manner from now on and treat them beforehand. “

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