Diabetic foot patients regain their health

Saturday, February 20, 2021 – 12:56 | Last Updated: 20 02 2021 – 12:56

Diabetic Foot Center in Çorum, especially in the provinces, including, Turkey is going to cure patients around the globe. In the 5-year period it was established, the center, which accepted more than a thousand patients, thanks to the versatile treatment applied with the support of specialist physicians, diabetic foot patients regain their health.

Treatment of diabetic foot Corum in Turkey’s largest Hittite University Training and Research Hospital, Erol Olçok Diabetic Foot Center, both hope to patients with both healing dealing danger of losing limbs. The diabetic foot center, which was opened by the Ministry of Health and whose bed capacity was increased to 30 with the opening of the additional building last year, has provided health services to patients from 49 provinces since its opening in 2016. In the center; During the treatment process, which is carried out with the contribution of certified nurses who are experts in foot treatment, many surgical methods are applied, from the opening of the occluded vessels to the healing of the wounds and skin transplantation according to the condition of the disease. In the center, which accepts more than a thousand patients, thanks to the multi-faceted treatment applied with the support of specialist physicians, the majority of diabetic foot patients regain their health after the inpatient treatment period of up to 6 months.


Hitit University Erol Olçok Training and Research Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Stating that the center has been serving for 5 years, Mesut Sezikli said, “We serve our patients from all over the country, not only for Çorum. At the end of long-term hospitalizations, we try to discharge the patient home by healing the diabetic foot without losing the limb, which is our ultimate goal. Besides, our cardiology department has a great contribution in this business. Again, with the support of physical therapy, infectious diseases and orthopedics outpatient clinics, we are trying to provide this service. We have had over a thousand patients hospitalized since its establishment. We continue this service during the Covid period. In the last year, we have served approximately 250-300 patients in our diabetic foot department during the pandemic period.


Providing information about the center, Professor of General Surgery Department. Dr. Murat Kendirci visited his inpatients and gave information about their health conditions. Stating that diabetes is a serious complication, diabetic foot disease is a difficult process for both the patient and the patient’s relatives. Dr. Kendirci said, “The number of diabetes patients in our country is around 15 percent. If we think about the development of diabetic foot in one of every 4 patients and we predict that 750 thousand of our patients will lose their legs just because of this and half of them will die within 5 years, we are talking about a life-saving job that needs to be focused on. We also know that the presence of such a clinic is a luxury for us. I wish, though many more such clinics in Turkey, “he said.


Stating that they also accept patients abroad, Prof. Dr. Kendirci said, “Apart from our outpatients, we have treated over a thousand patients. Clinically, we serve 75 percent of patients from outside of the city. We had patients from Edirne, Istanbul, Muğla, Ankara, Mersin and Diyarbakır. Many patients came from cities that I cannot count. I wish these types of clinics all over Turkey, though, and our patients this treatment is able to reach everywhere, “he said.


Prof. Dr. Kendirci said, “With the devoted work of our teammates, our amputation rates are very low. The amputation rate, which is 20-25 percent in the world, is 4 percent in our service. We are facing a loss of limbs well below the world average. We strive to work limb-protecting. Of course, we have patients who go to amputation, but success is always first to save the patient’s life and then to save the limb. I think we are successful in this regard, too ”.


Erdogan Aktoprak, a diabetic foot patient who came to Çorum from Antalya, explained that he came to the hospital on the recommendation of a friend who had been treated before and said, “My treatment is going very well. I am very happy with the hospital. Our teacher is known in Turkey, not the good, but not all by Turkey. I thank our teacher, ”he said.

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