Diabetics and obese patients have more severe coronavirus

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Turkey Metabolic Surgery Foundation Chairman Prof. Dr. Alper Çelik stated that diabetics have severe coronavirus and said, “The cause of death due to coronavirus in obese individuals is lung failure. In diabetic patients, especially the vascular occlusion and the coagulation problem that develops due to this leads to death. If diabetics and obese people have coronavirus, hospitalization rates are higher. For this reason, we should stay away from processed foods, eat vegetables mainly and not take sports out of our lives, ”he said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that most of the serious patients hospitalized due to Kovid-19 had diabetes. be said that the last 40 years the number of diabetes patients is 4 times the Metabolic Surgery Foundation Chairman Prof. Turkey Dr. Alper Çelik also commented on WHO’s statement.

Professor, who warned that diabetics and obese people should be much more careful, especially at a time when the coronavirus spread so much. Dr. Çelik stated that people whose disease is chronic and whose immune system is suppressed experience more severe.


Stating that diabetes lowers the immune system, Çelik said, “If diabetic patients have coronavirus, hospitalization rates and the risk of death are much higher. According to the studies conducted in 2015, it was predicted that 500 million people will be diabetic by 2035 worldwide. However, we caught this number 15 years ago, and in 2020, unfortunately, we reached 500 million people with diabetes, ”he said.


Stating that the food industry has changed in the last 20 years, Prof. Dr. Çelik said, “There is not enough agricultural basin left to feed the world population. Most of us consume processed food. These refined foods are making us sick. Refined foods change small intestine hormones and gain weight. Artificial sweeteners, substances that extend the shelf life of food harm human health, we should stay away. In the pandemic, we are at home and do not move. If it goes on like this, the biggest problem in the future will be diabetes, high blood pressure, weight problems and social isolation.

UP TO 4 FLOORS; Sugar increases

Stating that the World Health Organization also warned about diabetes, Prof. Dr. Çelik said, “Kovid-19 infection progresses in the most severe diabetic patients. The coronavirus also raises sugar. Sugar, which is 120, goes up to 175 in those who had coronavirus. In the last 40 years, the number of diabetic patients has quadrupled in the world ”.


Prof. Dr. Çelik warned that those with diabetes and coronary artery disease should be twice as careful, saying, “Because this disease causes people to lose their lives due to vascular occlusion. For this reason, especially those who have a stent in their heart and those who have had heart surgery should take care ”.


Noting that diabetic patients should pay attention to blood sugar regulation, Prof. Dr. Alper Çelik said, “In addition to what everyone should obey such as masks, distance, and hygiene, they should not neglect healthy food, exercise and medications. Fluid intake is very important, pay attention to regular sleep. If there is vascular damage, they should use blood thinners with the doctor’s recommendation ”.

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