Differences between black, green and white tea

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Speaking about the types of tea, one of the indispensable drinks of daily life, Expert Dietician Kübra Şahin explained the types of tea and the differences between these types. Stating that tea types are named according to the difference in processing and harvest, Şahin said that compared to other types, green tea is rich in antioxidants and low in caffeine.

Stating that black tea is formed as a result of oxidation catalyzed by the polyphenol oxidase enzyme, which is the result of crushing tea leaves, Beykent University School of Health Sciences Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Res. See. Kübra Şahin said, “During the production of black tea, tearing, withering, curling and drying processes are performed. During the withering process, the leaves are made suitable for the rolling process. As a result of the rolling process, the cell structure of the leaves is broken down and the fermentation process begins. “The latest situation of black tea emerges according to the production methods that can change technologically.”

Saying that green tea is a non-oxidized tea produced from fresh shoots harvested on the basis of the top bud of the tea plant and the following two leaves, Şahin said, and white tea is plucked from the buds and first and second leaves of the tea plant while they are very fresh. He stated that the leaves were withered, carefully picked and dried in the oven, and the color, leaf shape and smell of white tea emerged during the withering phase.


Stating that teas are named differently such as black, green and white depending on the processing and harvesting differences, Şahin said, “While green tea is produced by heat treatment, rolling and drying of fresh tea leaves, withering, rolling, oxidation and drying methods are used in black tea production. White tea differs from other teas in that only the buds and young leaves of the tea plant are used ”.

Şahin emphasized that white tea, unlike green and black tea, is not subjected to any fermentation process and continued as follows;

“Although green tea is obtained from ‘Camellia Sinensis’ from the same plant as black tea; The only difference between them is due to the processing technique. Green tea leaves are much less processed than black tea. For black tea obtained from the same plant, the leaves are dried slowly, green tea is obtained by roasting and drying the leaves as soon as they are collected. While black tea is being dried, it reacts with oxygen, while green tea is not allowed to react. The leaves of the green tea plant do not lose their fresh and green color.


Noting that green tea has high antioxidant content and less caffeine, Şahin said, “White tea does not have much taste and color. The only difference between black tea and green tea is the taste, color and aroma resulting from their processing. The reason why white tea is more expensive than other teas is that the amount that can be produced is small because it is collected from very fresh tea leaves, which are not opened yet. “Collecting these buds manually increases the cost.”

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