‘Do not disrupt your treatment in the Kovid-19 process’ warning to heart patients

Aktürk stated to the AA correspondent that Kovid-19 continued to be effective and that there was a rapid increase in the number of hospitalized patients.

Stating that other diseases have escaped attention during the epidemic process, Aktürk continued as follows:

“Heart health has been overshadowed by the pandemic. We could say different approaches to heart health, but in about a year, some of the patients who have had a heart attack do not come to the hospital, even if they do come late. The treatments we make lose their effectiveness. Chest pain, shortness of breath, back pain and heart. I would like to state that our citizens who have complaints like a crisis do not refrain from coming to the hospital and can come easily.Finally, the places of patients with Kovid-19 and patients with heart disease are different in our emergency services. Therefore, our patients with heart disease should definitely come to the hospital. Because this late stay can cost life, patients can die at home. “

“Kovid-19 increases heart attack and heart disease”

Prof. Dr. Pointing out that Kovid-19 is a viral infection and that viral infections can trigger a heart attack, Aktürk said, “Kovid-19 increases heart attack cases and heart diseases. Many patients have the possibility of having a heart attack after Kovid-19. We want our patients to pay attention. We want them to apply to us again when they have chest pain, shortness of breath or an increase or exacerbation in their complaints about Kovid-19. ” said.

Drawing attention to the importance of vaccination against Kovid-19, Aktürk emphasized that 70-80 age group patients were predominant in hospital and intensive care hospitalizations, the rate of these patients was 80-90 percent, but the picture changed after vaccination. Aktürk said, “We have really seen the benefit of the vaccine in this process. In the third wave, rather than in this age group, patients in the 50-60 age group, who are not vaccinated, lie in younger patients. The vaccine is the most essential for this disease and the only remedy for us to get rid of.” he spoke.

Prof. Dr. Aktürk reminded that the epidemic was transmitted to people from relatives, friends, friends and family, and said:

“We want to state that especially treats, collective activities, meals and banquets have a very important effect on the spread of the contamination, we want to restrict family visits, keep the mask and distance if visited, and not make treats as much as possible. These people can also be infected with the virus, but the vaccine’s clinical course is slow, decreases in intensive care, and reduces the lethal effect. Vaccinated people should be as careful as those who are not vaccinated because we need to prevent this transmission. Because it is protected, the risk of ultimately transmitting them to another person remains. “

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