‘Do not name cancer patients’ – last minute health news

gave | Wednesday, April 07, 2021 – 17:37 | Last Updated: 07 04 2021 – 17:37

EXPERT Psychologist Gözdem Özdem Akaydın stated that cancer is a disease that can last for a long time on patients and said, “Do not name or name cancer patients; this situation sets the ground for the emergence of feelings of worthlessness”.

Specialist Psychologist Gözdem Özdem Akaydın from the Psychology Department of Güven Hospital gave information about what should be considered when communicating with cancer patients. Akaydın stated that it is a difficult life event for an individual to be diagnosed with a disease regardless of their physical, mental and social profiles, “It is an experience that includes threats, obstacles and uncertainties in the balance of life, which can cause emotional crisis. feelings such as separation anxiety, anxiety for the future, fear of death, anxiety that organs and parts of the body will be damaged, regret and guilt, individuals’ emotional state, mental function, emotional autonomy, and their effect on the physical image of patients and their relatives. it affects their social areas, “he said.


Akaydın said that emotions became confused during this process, and problem-solving skills used in the past could become ineffective. Stating that the first reactions to cancer diagnosis can be expressed with shock, denial and anger, Akaydın said, “After these reactions, patients and their relatives decide on treatment and the processes of coping with the treatments that can be challenging. Since it is a disease that can impair the quality of life, the processes of accepting the disease and adaptation of the patients and their relatives is one of the most important stages of the treatment in terms of psychology. It is important to take care, “he said.


Akaydın noted the following regarding what should not be done while communicating with cancer patients:

“Avoid talking like giving moral lessons; morality is an attitude that has an important place in our society and shows itself very often in our relationships. When communicating with cancer patients, it is useful to stay away from these patterns.Do not name or name it; this situation prepares the ground for the emergence of feelings of worthlessness. Do not analyze; interpreting the patient’s treatment process is threatening for the patient. It can also cause the patient to feel that they are not understood. When the patient shares something about himself, try to understand what is happening instead of commenting and analyzing. Avoid making statements such as, ‘You should drink.’ Do not drink the patient’s medication. Note that k knows that he has to, but can only try to say that he has difficulty. Do not try to persuade with logic: Sharing information with the patient beyond his / her need can make him / her feel inadequate. Patients who feel uninformed and incompetent begin to oppose what is said and act defensively. Do not change the subject. When the patient is ready to courage and face the situation, try to listen and understand without changing his agenda. “

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