Does coronavirus cause heart damage? New Research!

In the study published in Science Daily and published in the “European Heart Journal”, the health data of 148 patients who were discharged after hospitalization in various hospitals in London and had severe Kovid-19 were examined.

In the study, which was stated that the hearts of these people were examined by magnetic resonance (MR) imaging method one month after their discharge, about 50 percent of the patients who were hospitalized and whose protein levels increased, called troponin, were damaged.

Nearly 50 percent of these people were identified with conditions such as inflammation of the heart muscle, damage to the heart tissue, or limited blood flow to the heart.

Cardiologist Prof. Marianna Fontana pointed out that this study does not provide information on mild survivors, “More studies are needed on this subject. MRI scanning of the heart showed how useful it is to examine patients with high troponin levels.” used the expression.

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