Don’t let the shoulder pain go away! What are the causes of shoulder pain? How does shoulder pain go?

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 – 14:04 | Last Updated: 23 03 2021 – 14:04

The shoulder, which is the most mobile joint in the human body, is also among the areas most susceptible to injury due to its range of motion. The health of this region, which has an important function, can be neglected. Especially during the pandemic process, the inactivity that comes with the increase in time spent at homes triggered such questions more. Expressing that one of the most important reasons for the common shoulder pain is the complex anatomical structure of the shoulder joint and its being a common joint, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Imdat Özkul emphasized that the pains should be taken into consideration.

One of the most common problems after back and neck pain is shoulder pain, which is the most mobile and complex joint area of ​​the human body. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Uzm, who stated that during the coronavirus period, where we do everything remotely, while dealing with household chores more closely, the wrong movements made increase such pain more. Dr. Imdat Özkul, “The problem has reached a more serious level when inactivity is added to this situation. People should take into account the pain they experience. They should move away from the thought that I will stop taking painkillers now. Because in case of delay in treatment, the pain becomes chronic, due to the weakness of the shoulder muscles and the development of restriction in shoulder joint movements. “Patients who cannot use it sufficiently may have difficulty even in simple activities they do in daily life.”


Özkul said, “The osseous structures in the shoulder joint do not contribute much to the strength of the shoulder joint. This is achieved by the soft tissues around the shoulder joint, consisting of capsule, ligament, tendon, bursa and muscles. This situation causes frequent soft tissue lesions in the shoulder. Shoulder pain can turn into a more serious condition if there is a delay in treatment. Severe shoulder pain that does not sleep at night and does not respond to painkillers can be a sign of a serious disease such as an infection and a tumor. Metabolic and endocrine diseases that cause shoulder pain are at the forefront of serious, chronic diseases. In this case, neck hernias causing nerve compression and damage to the muscular nerves around the shoulder, weakness in the shoulder muscles may occur and patients may develop permanent paralysis if treatment is delayed. It should be kept in mind that diseases of important organs such as heart, lung, liver, stomach, gall bladder and diaphragm can also cause reflected pain in the shoulder area. For these reasons, shoulder pain should not be neglected and a doctor should be consulted immediately. “


Dr. Özkul continued his words as follows: “Most of the shoulder pain is caused by soft tissue. Magnetic resonance (MRI) imaging of the shoulder provides detailed analysis opportunity to evaluate the soft tissues and bone structures in the shoulder. X-ray film (x-ray) can be requested in elderly patients where calcification is expected and in case of trauma. Other tests and imaging tools may be requested depending on the situation. Physical therapy and rehabilitation practices are the main treatments for most of the pathologies causing shoulder pain. In cases requiring surgery, it is possible to take the physical therapy program before and after the operation. In the long-term control of shoulder disorders, it is extremely important to protect the joint, to avoid strenuous activities and to exercise regularly. “

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