Don’t underestimate your child’s late speech! It could be autism!

gave | 04 April 2021 Sunday – 16:04 | Last Updated: 04 04 2021 – 16:04

Prof. Dr. Özgür Duman said that autism is a greater danger than the Covid-19 epidemic. Emphasizing that it is very important to recognize autism at an early age, Prof. Dr. Duman said, “We see 3 times more in males than in females. This means that in males it has decreased to 1 in 30-40. With this trend, everyone can have autistic grandchildren in the future,” he said.

AU Faculty of Medicine Child Neurology Lecturer Prof. Dr. Özgür Duman warned the families, stating that autism has increased recently. Explaining that autistic people cut their relationship with the social environment and return to their inner world, Prof. Dr. Duman said that they ignored the warnings outside, did not have gestures and gestures, and that they had their own movements. Stating that these people exhibit different behaviors such as turning around themselves, walking on the tip of their fingers, moving their hands and arms in a meaningless way, Prof. Dr. Özgür Duman emphasized that families should carefully follow their children’s movements and behaviors such as eye contact from an early age. Stating that autism is more dangerous than coronavirus, Prof. Dr. Duman said that according to the latest research, autism is reduced to 1 in 50 people and 3 times more common in men.


Prof. Dr. Özgür Duman said that families should especially care about children’s problems such as late speech. Prof. Dr. Duman said, “The child cannot speak, cannot express his problem. Especially the elders can see this situation normally by saying, ‘His mother and father also talked late. He is a boy, he talks late.’ Children speak late, the vocabulary is not enough, and they do not try to express their feelings and thoughts to the other. “It is important for children. Children should be able to share with the other person. If not, this is a big problem,” he said.


Explaining that children with autism live in a certain order, Duman said, “Generally, he wants his toys to be in a certain order. He does not want the toys to be moved. Habits are very important for them. When he goes out of it, he can react such as anger attacks, shouting, nodding. “He can be extremely afraid of technological devices such as telephones, brooms, washing machines. They can close their ears and go into a crisis. They pay close attention to rotating objects and turn them over and over again. Or they may act like passing in front of the washing machine and watching it.”


Emphasizing that autism is increasing day by day, Prof. Dr. Özgür Duman said, “The black cloud autism circulating around the world as a whole. It is a larger epidemic than the coronavirus and its effects unfortunately seem to last for hundreds of years. It is estimated that the coronavirus will continue in this way for at least 2-3 years, but it will take longer because of the coronavirus. The social environment has decreased, especially the children are closed to the house. Technological poisoning and virtual poisoning have become more prominent. This means a gradual increase in autism. This means that it has decreased to 1 in 30-40 for men. Even worse, with this course, maybe everyone will have a grandchild with autism. The future is under the dark. It is necessary to take serious measures.


Prof. Dr. Özgür Duman said, “How to treat the baby while in the womb, what should be done, how to enrich the social environment, support with playgroups or nurseries. Otherwise, your grandchildren are at great risk even if you have saved yourself. “It has come into our lives a lot. These have had a negative effect on children,” he said.

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