Draw attention to Down Syndrome with colorful socks!

Thursday, March 11, 2021 – 11:54 | Last Updated: 11 03 2021 – 11:56

Down Syndrome Association of Turkey, whether through a lack of awareness of being different movements to be held March 21 World Down Syndrome Day; He underlines that everyone is an indispensable part of the world like different colors and they complement each other. Turkey Association for Down Syndrome awareness of possible action to support hands or feet worn with socks in different colors and with social media sharing.

Worldwide, 6 million, while the average 70 thousand with Down syndrome in Turkey is estimated to be individuals. Thanks to the lifelong training that starts from the moment of birth and continues, individuals with Down syndrome can study in the same classes with their non-disabled peers, and go to high school and university. Individuals with Down syndrome can participate in business life and live independently or semi-independently. Unfortunately, there are many people and even experts in the community who are unaware that they can happen, who bias people with Down syndrome, exclude them, and see Down syndrome as a disease rather than a difference. That is why, March 21, World Down Syndrome Day offers a very important opportunity in terms of creating social awareness about the achievements of individuals with Down syndrome and the values ​​they add to the society they live in, as well as emphasizing that differences improve society.

Give support with colorful socks!

Turkey Down’s Syndrome Association, this year was not a lack of being different with the participation of all people and Down syndrome individuals in the community, everyone is a part of the world’s indispensable, such as different colors and aims to show that the complement each other. Turkey organized by the Association for Down Syndrome awareness movement, different colors with Down syndrome worn socks aims to create awareness about individuals.

In order to support and participate in the campaign, it is enough to take photos with socks worn on the hands or feet and share the photos on social media with the hashtag #rengimizbelliolsun.

‘They should get rid of the prejudices of the society and the mistakes they were taught’

Turkey Down Syndrome Association Secretary-General’s Fulya Seeders, for individuals with Down syndrome, “the society’s prejudices and to get rid of them taught wrong. Every individual of society should focus on scientific facts about Down syndrome, universal values ​​and regulations such as human rights, rather than unreal urban legends. They should learn to see people with Down syndrome as individuals with the same rights as themselves and think about what they should do in order to exercise these rights. However, we need to understand that every person will be successful when they get the support they need, and if the support they need due to the special needs of people with Down syndrome is provided, we need to understand that they can lead a successful and dignified life. If someone with Down syndrome cannot join the community, we should look for the cause in the community, not in the person. Are we an inclusive society? Do we respect differences, or do we ignore and exclude them? I think March 21st is not just babies, children and adults with Down syndrome; a day when we realize our own biases and differences, understand them and make self-criticism. We are all different from each other, let’s embrace these differences. Let’s show our color for this. I hope that participation in the awareness movement aimed with the #rengimizbelliolsun tag will be intense. used the expressions.

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