Early diagnosis in eye pressure prevents blindness

Eye Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Merih Önol told Anadolu Agency (AA) that glaucoma is a serious health problem in terms of eye health.

Stating that glaucoma, which is called “the sneaky thief of sight” by ophthalmologists, gradually decreases the fibers of the optic nerve, Önol stated that it is an insidious disease as much as cancer and has sad consequences when it is late.

Önol pointed out that early diagnosis of glaucoma, which is usually diagnosed incidentally during eye examinations, saves the person from being blind. Explaining that there are various forms of glaucoma that can cause blindness even overnight, Önol said, “Glaucoma can sometimes lead to blindness without realizing it.” said.

Prof. Dr. Önol continued his words as follows:

“Especially the most common open-angle form in Turkey, the eye without making any findings bring to the blind spot. Today it is known that 80-90 million glaucoma in the world. Every glaucoma ‘potential is ignored. After diagnosis with glaucoma patients with possible drug therapy or However, it is not possible for an eye that has lost its sight to see again. It is not possible to restore the visual nerve fibers it causes due to the pressure it creates in the eye. We glaucoma specialists try to keep the remaining visual nerves alive with surgery and medicated treatment methods. “

“The lower the education level, the higher the rate of blindness caused by glaucoma”

Prof. Dr. Önol said that this disease, which is usually seen over the age of 40-50, can be found in young people and infants.

Explaining that glaucoma reduces vision every day, every hour, Önol said:

“The patient does not feel any pain or redness during this process. Since vision progresses by closing from the environment, there is no decrease in vision for a long time. For these reasons, the diagnosis of glaucoma is usually made by chance during eyeglass examinations. Those who are diagnosed early are lucky and do not have the risk of being blind. Therefore, genetic In intellectual societies, the rate of early diagnosis is higher. The lower the education level, the higher the rate of blindness caused by glaucoma. “

Eye Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Stating that it is important to be examined by an ophthalmologist once a year for early diagnosis, Merih Önol said, “With the eye examinations performed once a year over the age of 40, this disease is no longer insidious and the ‘thief’ is caught.” used the expressions.

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