Early intervention period in child development

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Zeytinburnu Family, Women Support and Disabled Center (AKDEM) put into service the ‘Development Assessment Unit’, in which the development of children in the 0-6 age group is evaluated by experts in the fields of cognitive, emotional, psychomotor, self-care and language.

The ‘Development Assessment Unit’, which aims to evaluate the expected level of age by making the developmental assessment of every child aged 0-6 living in Zeytinburnu, was put into service by the Zeytinburnu Family, Women Support and Disabled Center (AKDEM). AKDEM, which will evaluate the development of children in the fields of cognitive, emotional, psychomotor, self-care and language by experts, will prepare an early intervention program for children with developmental disorders.


Ömer Arısoy, Mayor of Zeytinburnu, who opened AKDEM Development Assessment Unit, will serve as an example for district municipalities of Zeytinburnu Family, Women Support and Disabled Center’s Development Assessment Unit, working in cooperation with universities in a comprehensive way to serve children between the ages of 0-6 in the district. He said he would.

Arısoy said, “We will prepare a comprehensive development report by monitoring and testing the children of all family members who apply to us through AKDEM in our Development Assessment Unit with experts. Thus, in some critical situations, early diagnosis opportunities will emerge. Our children are very important to us, so we attach great importance to this practice. ” said.


In AKDEM Development Evaluation Unit, the calendar age of the child is determined and detailed information about his general development is obtained and evaluations are made by experts. It is determined which assessment tools will be used according to the needs of the child. According to the evaluation result, a suggestion report suitable for the child is prepared and presented to the parent. In addition, parents get to know their children better in the development evaluation process. By seeing the strengths and weaknesses of their children in the development process, they ensure early detection of diseases that require urgent intervention, such as developmental delay, autism, attention deficit, and hyperactivity.


Delayed developmental problems affect the lives of children and families negatively. This unit ensures that aspects of development in children can be noticed early and appropriate measures can be taken. The family can have the right information regarding the general development of the child and find answers to their questions. AKDEM Development Evaluation Unit has a family-based approach.

The fact that the service is within the Zeytinburnu Municipality enables families to reach the service more easily. In addition, thanks to this service, a general information bank for children between the ages of 0-6 will be created throughout the district. For an appointment, you can apply directly to AKDEM Development Evaluation Unit or you can apply to the program at www.akdem.org.tr.

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