Effects of Kovid-19 on the male reproductive system

AA | Monday, May 03, 2021 – 14:46 | Last Updated: 03 05 2021 – 14:46

Assoc. Dr. Stating that the effects of Kovid-19 on the male reproductive system have been investigated in different countries, Bakırcıoğlu stated that the virus is thought to affect men more and cause a more severe course.

Urology and reproductive health specialist Assoc. Dr. Emre Bakırcıoğlu, in his written statement, pointed out that concerns about coronavirus in both natural pregnancy and infertility treatments cause a pause in conception in couples who want to have children, and as the unknown effects of the disease in the long and short term, apart from the possible infection that may be experienced during the treatment. He stated that it was voiced.

Stating that studies are still ongoing to understand the effects of the disease on fertility and reproductive organs in men and women during the epidemic, Bakırcıoğlu shared the following information about the results of international studies and articles:

“Studies continue on different groups in different countries of the world. Studies continue on the effects of Kovid-19 on the male reproductive system, which will address the concerns and answer the questions of couples who have problems with having children and are planning to become pregnant. Some results have been obtained from studies conducted on men with 19 diseases.Covid-19 affects men more and the infection is more severe in men. It is thought that the virus causes more cytokine storm and causes a more severe course in men due to the testosterone hormone. The hypothesis is that ACE2 / TMPRSS2 receptors are higher in males than females and androgen, i.e., testosterone hormone. The prevalence of the disease is among the reasons that may explain the fact that the disease causes more deaths in men. Scientific studies are ongoing, but in a study conducted on a group of patients at Wuhan Tongji Medical School, it was shown that the effect of the virus in those who had Kovid-19 killed the sperm-producing cells of male patients and damaged the testicular tissue. “

Bakırcıoğlu stated that in the study conducted in the Intensive Care Unit of the University of Florence, Careggi Hospital, men whose condition worsened were compared with the cases where the findings improved, and that the cases with worsening conditions and resulting in death were found to have significantly lower testosterone values ​​than those who recovered.

Underlining that the vaccine was announced as the most effective way of protection from the virus and its effects by the American and European Reproductive Health Associations, Bakırcıoğlu emphasized that the administration of vaccines is the only weapon available to protect against the virus.

Assoc. Dr. Emre Bakırcıoğlu suggested that couples who want to have a baby and receive treatment in this direction must comply with the precautions to prevent the disease, and those who have the disease with febrile and moderate symptoms should start treatment at least 3 months later to have a child.

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