Emergency service teams are on duty day and night

Kovid 19 cases of first-day emergency service personnel observed regardless of the employee’s overtime since the concept in Turkey, competing almost time to keep patients alive.

In the 112 Emergency Health Services in Karabük, 24-hour service is provided with 255 personnel, 93 UMKE volunteers, 43 emergency ambulances and 16 emergency stations.

The teams struggling to reach emergency calls as soon as possible call on citizens to comply with the measures during the epidemic process where workloads increase.

“We have to protect both ourselves and our family”

Emergency medical technician Semiha Güneri told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they are doing their best to fulfill their duties in the best possible way.

Stating that they experienced various difficulties during the epidemic process, Güneri stated that the healthcare workers from the process affected more because they were at the forefront of the fight.

Güneri emphasized that they should take all precautions while working during the epidemic period, “We wore double masks and N95 masks. We wore overalls. They slowed our movements. They made us have difficulties in breathing. We have to protect both ourselves and our family. I could not take my children in my arms and love them when I went home as before. it was a more difficult process for us. ” he spoke.

Pointing out the importance of following the measures, Güneri said:

“We should stay away from crowded environments as much as possible. When we need to enter the crowd, we must definitely, but definitely wear our masks to cover our mouth and nose. Hand hygiene, distance and mask are very important. These are indispensable trio. We have our vaccinations without hesitation. I have overdosed double. I did not stop being protected. Nobody should leave. We will have vaccinations. We will continue to protect our distance. I hope we will get rid of the virus. “

“I could not see my family for a certain period of time”

Paramedic Samet Şık said that healthcare workers are at the forefront of fighting the epidemic.

Referring to the difficulties of working during the epidemic process, Şık said, “Working under the threat of virus made our conditions difficult. We were also psychologically affected. I could not see my family for a certain period of time. When we met, we paid attention to social distance.” said.

Şık pointed out that the epidemic continues, “We have our vaccine. The vaccination process continues. This is a very good thing for our country, but we must continue to be protected.” he spoke.

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