Everyone has it at home! Great danger in the pan

gave | 06 May 2021 Thursday – 10:51 | Last Updated: 06 05 2021 – 10:51

Çukurova University (CU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Head of Chemistry Department. Dr. Emel Yıldız stated that ‘non-stick’ pans and pots are produced with the coating made on aluminum or iron, and pointed out that harmful gases are released when these products reach high temperatures. Yıldız said that these gases may cause problems such as blurred vision, respiratory difficulties, fever and cough by affecting allergic bodies more, and said that coatings on aluminum carry a risk in terms of Alzheimer’s disease.

In cooking, non-stick pans or pots that provide cooking in a short time are among the indispensable kitchens. Kitchen utensils, which gain these properties by coating a material called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) on iron or aluminum, are frequently used. However, these products, which lost their ‘non-stick’ feature after the occurrence of scratches and deformations due to incorrect applications, threaten human health due to the gases they emit when they reach high temperatures.

CU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Head of Chemistry Department Prof. Dr. Emel Yıldız explained how it should be used correctly for a non-stick pan, a saucepan. Prof. Dr. Yıldız, talking about the dangers of gases that will arise when the teflon comes in contact with high temperature, said, “These are the gases in the structure of Perfluoroisobutylene. Because Teflon reaches high temperature quickly in a very short time. When it reaches this temperature, it is disrupted by the release of the gas. If there is no proper ventilation system during use, it. We can be affected by the gases, “he said.


Noting that these gases can cause various health problems, Prof. Dr. Yildiz said, “Especially allergic bodies are affected much more clearly by these gases. It may cause fever, cough, respiratory problems. In addition, there may be problems in vision, vision becomes blurred. The body absorbs them and accumulates them in certain amounts. This may appear as a continuation of the following diseases. “We think it would be more appropriate not to go out and the use of aspirators or hoods. Even if these are not available, we recommend that the kitchen be ventilated.”


Pointing out that the coatings made on aluminum trigger Alzheimer’s disease, Prof. Dr. Yıldız said the following:

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