Exercises that burn the most calories and are done to slim the waist and lose belly!

Long-term immobility at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which affects the whole world, made sports more important for our health. Prolonged inactivity can cause many problems such as weight gain, obesity, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular diseases and musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Faculty Member Hasan Mola Ali gave information about exercises that can be done at home.


Dance activities are the main simple and effective exercises to be done at home. While dancing, your whole body moves and allows you to have fun. In addition, an exercise bike or treadmill, if you have it at home, is an ideal tool for sports. The walk should be at a comfortable pace, the head should not be tilted forward, and the arms should naturally swing.

Apart from these, balance exercises; Strengthening exercises, stretching exercises and breathing exercises are also among the exercises that can be done easily at home.


One stands behind a sturdy chair. The chair is held firmly with both hands. One leg opens to the side or back.

Again, with support from a solid chair, the feet are next to the heel and the toes.

Supporting the wall or a handle on the wall, he brings one foot to the toes of the other foot, then brings the other foot to the toes of the other side and continues to walk in this way.


The weight to be lifted during strengthening exercises (sandbag, dumbbells, etc.) varies from person to person, the point to be considered is a deep breath is taken before starting the movement, then exhaled while lifting the weight, and it is necessary to breathe again while returning to the starting point.

Sitting or standing, lifting to shoulder level from the side, lifting arms at the sides, upper extremity and chest strengthening can be performed.

Sitting on the chair, the appropriate weight is attached to the ankles and the knee is straightened slowly, with this exercise, the knee muscles can be strengthened.

The appropriate weight is tied to the ankles, the support is taken from the chair with the hands, the legs are opened with shoulder widths and the heels are lifted, the leg muscles can be strengthened with this exercise.

Appropriate weight is attached to the ankles, support is taken from the standing chair with the hands. Legs open shoulder-width apart. Deep breathing is taken, one leg is moved back,

Sit-ups can be done to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Lie on your back on the floor, knees bent. Hands are brought together on the lower part of the head. During the movement, it is necessary not to bend the neck forward. A deep breath is taken, then the body is lifted upwards slightly until a stretch is felt in the abdominal muscles and exhaled, then breathes in and returns to the starting position.


It is also necessary to do stretching exercises for the muscles, there should be no pain during stretching exercises and breath should not be held. The stretched muscle group should be stretched for 15-25 seconds. 3-4 repetitions are sufficient for each muscle group.

Respiratory coordination and normal breathing pattern are gained with breathing exercises.


Diaphragmatic breathing: Sit in a comfortable position in a chair. Put one hand in front just below your rib cage and the other hand on your breastbone, breathe in and out and watch the movement of the respiratory muscle. Take a slow deep breath and exhale in a controlled manner, rest, repeat 3-4 times.

Shrunken lip breathing: First take a deep breath through the nose, pucker up your lips as if to whistle, let your breath out slowly and longer from your puckered lips.

Being active and active is one of the most important factors that increase our quality of life.

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