Expert answer to the claims of vaccine opponents: Safe from taking a shower, even eating

Speculative discourses raised by anti-vaccine opponents, especially on social media, continue to endanger public health. Turkish Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Association President Prof. Dr. Alpay Azap prepared a special report that refuted the speculative claims of the vaccine opponents. In his study, Prof. Dr. Alpay Azap stated that vaccines show side effects with a probability of one in a hundred thousand to one in a million.

According to the news of Mert Inan from Milliyet newspaper, Prof.Dr. Azap’s answers to the allegations made by anti-vaccines are as follows;

It is better to be sick than to be vaccinated because vaccines are not as protective as the disease itself?

“Getting immunity by passing the disease itself instead of being vaccinated can come at a heavy price. Heavy costs such as encephalitis due to measles, blindness and death, birth defects due to rubella, mental retardation and nerve damage after bacterial meningitis, permanent paralysis after polio infection, liver cancer due to Hepatitis B virus or death may be paid.

How many vaccines, giving various antigens to a baby can disrupt the functioning of the immune system and cause many diseases?

“Babies encounter a large number of foreign antigens every minute from birth. A large number of microorganisms from the mother’s body and the environment settle in the baby’s body. When the baby starts to take supplementary food, it is exposed to many microorganisms and different antigens with foods. Infections such as the flu cause antigenic stimulation. A simple cold means 4-10 different antigens, beta infection means 25-50 different antigens. The number of antigens given by vaccines is incomparably small compared to what the child encounters. “

Breast milk protects the baby from infections with its ingredients. It is enough to give breast milk to babies until the age of two, rather than giving a large number of vaccinations at the first two years of age?

“Without vaccines, breast milk alone cannot protect against deadly diseases such as measles, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria. Moreover, if an unvaccinated child does not get these diseases until adulthood, it will definitely be caught in adulthood. “

Do vaccines contain dangerous elements such as mercury and harmful substances such as aluminum as preservatives?

“The substance known as thimerosal used in vaccines to prevent bacterial contamination is an organic mercury compound. It does not harm people. Substances such as aluminum and squalene have been used since the 1930s to increase the effect of vaccines. People encounter much more than the adjuvants they encounter in vaccines in their daily life. Moreover, not every vaccine contains adjuvants. Scientific researches conducted so far have shown that the adjuvants in vaccines do not harm people. “

Whether or not to be vaccinated is a personal decision. ‘It doesn’t concern anyone if I don’t have my child vaccinated.?’

“Vaccination is a method that protects not only the person who was vaccinated but also the whole society. If the number of people who are not vaccinated increases, the effect of community immunity decreases and epidemics occur. In recent years, the number of families who do not have their children vaccinated in our country has risen dangerously: the anti-vaccination rate, which was 1370 in 2014, 5 thousand 91 in 2015, 11 thousand 470 in 2016, exceeded 23 thousand in 2017. If this increase trend continues, major epidemics will be inevitable in the coming years. Thanks to the vaccination campaign carried out after the epidemic in 2013, the number of measles cases was only 8 in 2016. It reached 557 in 2018. “

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