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Thursday, March 18, 2021 – 9:36 | Last Updated: 18 03 2021 – 9:36

Nurten Saydan, President of All Pharmacist Employers’ Union (TEIS), announced that the Ministry of Health inspected 297 products, including hand disinfectants, antibacterial liquid soaps, and fly repellants, and that 111 biocidal products were found to be against the technical regulation. Saydan said, “Even in many health institutions, fake disinfectants are used unknowingly.”

Stating that one of the most effective methods in reducing the spread of coronavirus disease is hand disinfectants containing at least 60 percent alcohol, All Pharmacist Employers’ Union (TEIS) President Nurten Saydan made warnings against counterfeit disinfectants. Saydan said the following on the subject: “The fake production of antiseptic hand disinfectants, which have become a part of everyone’s life for the last year, threatens human health. Last month, the Ministry of Health inspected 297 products, from hand sanitizers to antibacterial liquid soaps to fly repellants, and found 111 biocidal products against the technical regulation. A fine of 2 million 205 thousand 972 Turkish lira was imposed on the grounds of violation of technical regulations and insecurity. The existence of so many unsafe products in the market worries citizens, bringing to mind the question of ‘where should we buy disinfectant products, how should we use them safely’. While biocidal products should only be produced scientifically in pharmaceutical factories, they are also produced in under-ladder facilities without protection and threaten human health.


Saydan pointed out that hand disinfectants protect for up to 5 hours and should be used at most 5 times a day. Even in many health institutions, counterfeit disinfectants are used unknowingly. Healthcare professionals believe that these disinfectants are produced effectively and reliably in the pharmaceutical factory. Doctors and healthcare professionals working at the hospital, relying on these products, are exposed to the hospital germ. It is stated that the number of doctors who died from COVID-19 in our country to date is 40 times the number of doctors who died in Germany. Biocidal products must be produced in accordance with the principles of the GMP certificate, standard operating methods and the relevant legislation, and sold from pharmacies through pharmaceutical wholesalers, ”he said. (Liberty)


Fake hygiene products with Covidien-19 struggle against the would underlines the Nurtan Say, “antiseptic-disinfectant for human hygiene, Turkey with the presidential decree on September 13, 2019 that the medicinal product has passed the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency. These products should be produced in pharmaceutical factories and their sales points should only be in pharmacies, ”he said.

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