Families of children with autism await the arrangement to be released from the Parliament

Çayan, who also has a child with autism, stated to the AA reporter that on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, events are organized in many parts of the world to raise awareness about autism today and in April, announced by the United Nations.

Pointing out the importance of awareness studies in terms of both early diagnosis and acceptance of children with autism by the society, Çayan made the following assessment:

“We proceed fairly in awareness of autism in Turkey. But still from time to time, our family, the environment in ‘Children of why did you remove street’ as responses they received, they expressed that understanding can not see. What Autism ‘Miracle Doctor” series nor’ Rain Man ‘consists of the characters in the film. They are a very small part of this whole, and even those at high levels need supervision and guidance. The vast majority are in distress. Autistic children and their families lead an isolated life that is disconnected from social life. “

“To portray autism as just ‘difference’ leads to misinformation”

Pointing out that posts such as “Autism is a difference” can be made, Çayan said, “People who do not know exactly what autism is and who have not lived with an autistic child for a long time can portray this situation of children as a simple ‘difference’ in various social media posts. “The number of people with autism who can sustain their own lives and who have special abilities is very few. Autism is a situation that burns their lives for children and their families who experience it.” used the expression.

Stating that the only way to alleviate these difficulties is education that starts at an early age, Çayan said, “If the child can get a really good special education, he will get closer to normal life. In fact, this way, the material and moral difficulties for both families and the state are reduced. It is stated that receiving education reduces the material and moral burden by 2 out of 3. This is a very serious rate. ” he spoke.

“Families tied their hope to this law”

Çayan pointed out that in line with the report of the Parliament’s Down Syndrome, Autism and Other Developmental Disorders Commission report, the members of the commission will prepare a bill for individuals with special needs.

“The report prepared by the parliamentary commission for children with autism and down syndrome has been a really good work. The recommendations in the report are the regulations that families have been waiting to become law for years. Now, in the light of this report, we are looking forward to the law that will be passed by the Parliament. The families of autistic children hope to this law. tied up.

The most important issue among the recommendations in the report is the intensive and qualified individual education for children with autism following the diagnosis and diagnosis processes. While we teach healthy children all day long, we cannot expect children with autism to recover with two weekly special education sessions. These periods, provided with the state contribution, need to be increased. “

– “Campus-like structures should be established”

Aydın Çayan drew attention to the importance of creating mechanisms for children with autism to continue their lives as independent individuals after their business and professional life, social life and especially after the death of their families.

Stating that there are different examples in this regard in the world, Çayan said, “According to the level of autism, when the parents are old, unable to look after for some reason, or after their death, campus-like structures should be established where they can acquire professions, hobbies and occupations. . ” made a suggestion.

Emphasizing that these structures should not be separated from the society and should be areas in life, Çayan said, “The third most important point is to determine the budget for these regulations in the law. said.

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