Fast food causes iron deficiency in children

gave | 04 March 2021 Thursday – 10:51 | Last Updated: 04 03 2021 – 10:51

Stating that heart failure can be seen in advanced iron deficiency in children, Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Hüseyin Sevim said, “Regular and balanced nutrition of these children is very important. The most dangerous situation for our children is to give a snack and fast food-style diet rich in iron-poor carbohydrates and intensive cow’s milk under the age of 2”.

Specialist from the Department of Child Health and Diseases. Dr. Hüseyin Sevim made important statements about iron deficiency anemia in children. Dr. Hüseyin Sevim stated that the most common cause of anemia in children is iron deficiency anemia. “In the first 2 years of rapid growth and adolescence, we see iron deficiency frequently in girls. First of all, weight and height growth slows down. They fall behind their peers. Crawling and walking are also delayed, ”he said.


Noting that many symptoms are observed in a child with iron deficiency anemia, Dr. Sevim continued as follows: “Lack of appetite, weakness, slowdown in development, intelligence level develop, distraction, irritability develops and school success decreases. Sleep patterns are disturbed. Fainting (joining seizure) may develop in young people at the age of 3 years. The skin color turns light yellow, loses its pinkness. In advanced stages, skin disorders, nails breakage, peeling begins, tongue and mouth wounds appear. The child gets angry. In older children, fatigue and shortness of breath develop. Some children develop a habit of eating inedible materials such as paper, soil and coal, which we call pica. If it is late, the mental retardation will be permanent. The immune system cannot do its job properly. Body resistance decreases, often gets sick. “


Dr. Hüseyin Sevim pointed out that fast food nutrition is dangerous against iron deficiency anemia and gave the following information: “Heart failure may occur in advanced iron deficiency. When the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood decreases, the heart starts to work excessively, the heart grows, tired and insufficiency develops. The most dangerous situation for our children is to give iron-poor carbohydrate-rich snacks and fast food-style diet and dense cow’s milk under 2 years of age. If there is an iron deficiency in the nursing mother, it must be treated. The important food group is red meat and offal, especially liver.Therefore, red meat varieties, fish, chicken, molasses, tahini, egg yolk, dried beans, chickpeas, lentils, spinach, arugula, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, grapes, Foods such as apricots should be consumed. degree is high. It can be added to soups as minced meat for children who do not like meat. Tarhana soup with minced meat is very useful, especially between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. Especially meatballs can be served as a grill for children who do not like meat in their meals. “

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