He got coronavirus and became diabetic

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24-year-old İrem Deniz, who lives in Istanbul, caught coronavirus with her family last month. On the 6th day of the disease, it was determined that the blood sugar of Irem, who was hospitalized due to nausea and difficulty in breathing, increased up to 380. After the examinations, the young girl was diagnosed with diabetes, and the experts said that the coronavirus accelerated the development of diabetes by attaching to the pancreas. Deniz, who started using insulin at a young age, stated that she was very surprised and said, “I understood that the coronavirus is not a situation to be taken lightly. “It was very difficult for me to learn that I have diabetes.”

24-year-old İrem Deniz, who lives in Istanbul and is interested in archery, was diagnosed with coronavirus with her family on April 7. The family spent the illness process at home, but İrem Deniz woke up on the 6th morning of her illness with nausea and difficulty breathing. The young girl, whose pulse was up to 150, was hospitalized with palpitations. While the lung involvement of the virus was found in the tomography, the physicians who could not get results from the coronavirus treatment applied also performed blood gas analysis for İrem. After the measurement, it was seen that Deniz’s blood sugar increased up to 380. The young girl, who started insulin treatment urgently, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Following the treatment of İrem, Endocrinology Specialist Dr. “The coronavirus binds to the pancreas, disrupting insulin secretion and accelerating the development of diabetes,” said Safiye Arık.


Saying that my inability to breathe and my weakness started to bother me, İrem Deniz said, “I was having difficulty in breathing. We saw my pulse go up to 150. At the same time, I had a bump. Upon the complaints, my mother and father thought there was something wrong and brought me to the hospital. My inability to breathe and my weakness started to bother me. To date, I have not had any complaints about diabetes, and I became diabetic after coronavirus. I realized that the coronavirus is not something to be taken lightly. It was a shock to me to learn that I had diabetes. This situation was due to the infection and I was actually very surprised. This made me sad because I was young. I am good in terms of coronavirus, I have regained my health, but I am sorry for diabetes, “he said.


Stating that İrem is a person who is interested in sports and has a healthy diet, Şeniz Deniz said, “With the emergence of some deep-seated diseases with a severe infection, an awareness develops. A healthy individual who has never had any complaints until today. Besides these, he is doing his sports. At the same time, he makes a good life. There were no noticeable health findings either. It has been stated that this severe virus triggers an underlying genetics. We were faced with a diabetes result, “he said.


Medicana Çamlıca Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist, who made the first intervention to İrem. Hacer Ofluoğlu said, “We found lung involvement in İrem’s tomography. We recommended hospitalization because of fever and respiratory distress. After hospitalization, we saw that İrem had a high level of heart palpitations. I thought that there might be metabolic problems because his clinic did not improve after hospitalization and his response to oxygen therapy was very good. We did a blood gas analysis. I thought this was a diabetic trigger. Its sugar had gone up to 380. For a young patient with no previous diabetes history, I was very surprised at such a high blood sugar level. A diagnosis of diabetes, which we call type 1 diabetes, was made. In addition, the acid level in the blood was very high. Kidney functions were impaired, ”he said.


Explaining that they applied direct intravenous insulin therapy to the patient after the diagnosis, Endocrinology Specialist Dr. Safiye Arık said, “İrem was a patient who did not have a previous diabetes history. Recently, we accepted the new diagnosis as diabetes because we did not have a blood glucose result. We applied direct intravenous insulin therapy to the patient. Since there was too much fluid loss in these patients, we also provided hydration support. We continued this treatment until blood sugar was normal. Generally, it will go in the form of 4-insulin therapy and has to use them for life, “he said.


Explaining that infection tables can cause diabetes, Uzm. Dr. Safiye Arık said the following:

“The coronavirus is a very new event and its effects are only emerging in the long run. However, one thing is clear as we know. It is that the infection pictures can reveal diabetes or worsen the diabetes picture. Too many ACE2 receptors in the pancreas cause the SARS-CoV-2 virus to bind here. Here it causes pancreatic damage. Insulin secretion is disrupted due to pancreatic damage, and as a result, diabetes occurs. Post-coronavirus diabetes cases have begun to be reported frequently. The emergence of new diabetes diagnoses and the worsening of existing diabetes are frequently reported. Due to coronavirus infection, the virus attaches to the pancreas, disrupting insulin secretion and accelerating the development of diabetes. “

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