He returned from the dead! Has been regretting for a whole year

Özlem YURTÇU KARABULUT, Özgür KUMANOVALI / İstanbul, (DHA) | Sunday, May 16, 2021 – 16:01 | Last Updated: 16 05 2021 – 16:01

Nilüfer Gündüz (35), a 7-month pregnant woman who caught coronavirus in March last year, was urgently taken to cesarean section. Her daughter, who was born 1.5 kilograms, was taken to intensive care without sniffing, and her baby named Asel was taken into the incubator. The miracle mother, who thought that her heart was restarted while she was in intensive care and died when she opened her eyes connected to the breathing apparatus, was able to hold her baby exactly 45 days later. “I wish I had been more careful with the rules at the time but we hadn’t experienced them. Every day, looking at his tiny hands, I remember needle marks and regretted him. Despite the constraints, I really cannot understand this comfort in humans. “I’ve been longing for the days when I can take my daughter to the park for a year.”

Nilüfer Gündüz (35) explained that they lived on the anniversary of her victory over the coronavirus and had her tiny baby and the traces of the disease left on them.

Gündüz became ill at home when she was 7 months pregnant with a baby girl she wanted so much in March last year. Sancaktepe Martyr Prof. Dr. He was taken to İlhan Varank Training and Research Hospital. The young woman, whose blood pressure could not be lowered, was rushed into cesarean section because of the life-threatening “pregnancy poisoning”. When it was understood that the PCR test taken before the surgery was positive, she was taken to her baby in her arms and was treated in isolation without sniffing.


Amine Asel, who was born 1.5 kilograms, was premature, and the newborn was taken into the incubator in intensive care. The condition of Nilüfer Gündüz worsened after 2 weeks despite the treatment. The young mother, whose heart stopped while she was going to be taken to intensive care, was brought back to life with a 10-minute heart massage. Gündüz, who had to be connected to the heart-lung machine (ECMO), was sent to Marmara University Training and Research Hospital. Doctors say to his family ‘be prepared for anything at any time’

Nilüfer Gündüz thought she died when she woke up with a respirator. Gündüz, who never gave up for his children, was discharged after 28 days after defeating the disease. He had to spend two more weeks at home to reunite his little Asel. The mother was able to conceive her baby 45 days later, on May 12, 2020.


Now trying to erase the traces of nightmarish days, the mother said, “I still feel remorse towards my daughter. I wish I had paid much more attention and had not caught this virus. I had a cesarean, I was away from my baby for days. I was always worried about his health because he was born prematurely. I was in the hospital for a month, those 45 days. I am 13 months old now but it has been 1 year since I got angry. Although I was at the very beginning of the epidemic, I wish I had been more conscious, I still see needle marks on the child’s hands every day, I remember it every day, I regret it. I wish I would protect myself a little more and not let him or the people around me lick these pains. I wish I could hold my daughter as soon as she was born, ”he said.


Explaining that his family sees them as miracles, Gündüz said, “My siblings, my parents and my children are still tearing up when they look at us. Where did you come from? It is a miracle to be able to see it now. After going through such difficult processes, you live in isolation. We haven’t seen anyone for a year. I still carry the traces of the disease in my lungs. My shortness of breath continues. My high blood pressure became permanent. Pregnancy intoxication normally resolves after birth, but mine has not passed. I cannot use medication because I am breastfeeding. Everything in my life has changed. My back and muscle aches still continue. I could not carry a 2-pound baby in the first months due to weakness in my arms. His brother came to change his diapers, put him to sleep, and took him around. I still cannot hold my daughter for a long time, ”he said.


Nilüfer Gündüz reacted to those who act as if everything is normal without obeying the rules and continued her words as follows:

“Despite these limitations, I cannot understand this comfort and people still behaving as normal, despite all the losses. Maybe it does not affect you, but the virus you carry affects a mother, father, someone’s child, and can cause losses. I have been living for a year longing for the days when I can take my daughter to the park. I’m afraid of the parks that disease will be transmitted. I want him to swing on a swing, to rush to the toys. “

Saying that the vaccine will also be vaccinated without hesitation when it comes to its turn, Gündüz said, “Because I have the effects I see with my eyes. For example, the father of a very close relative was 90 years old, he was vaccinated and survived very easily. While his son was staring at him, he caught Kovit, he suffered much heavier than him. His pains and troubles became much more. After seeing them with our eyes, it is not possible for me to not be overrun, ”he said.

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