‘Hearing tests should be done before leaving the hospital for newborns’

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Prof. Dr. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Zeynep Alkan stated that the problems experienced in hearing health are important in terms of creating significant restrictions in the lives of individuals, and that hearing loss can occur for many different reasons from the neonatal period to the elderly.

Alkan emphasized that with newly developed technologies, hearing loss can be solved in all kinds of problems and at any age, but at this point, correct diagnosis and timely treatment are very important, underlining that adults and children should be evaluated differently in hearing loss.

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Alkan pointed out that there are various reasons related to hearing loss in children during and after pregnancy, and in adults, drug use, long-term exposure to toxic substances, working in loud environments for a long time, exposure to sound trauma or normal biological aging (after 65 years of age) he said it could lead to progressive hearing loss.

Stating that sudden hearing loss can be seen due to infections, vascular occlusions or sudden exposure to loud sounds, Alkan stated that sudden hearing loss of unknown cause can also be experienced.

“Also, in adults, hearing loss can occur due to a simple earwax in the external auditory canal, bone protrusion, tears in the eardrum, calcification of the ossicles in the middle ear or some tumors. The most important point for hearing health in children is newborn screening. For newborns, hearing tests should be done within the first 48 hours before leaving the hospital.Children who fail this test are called once again.If they fail the second test, ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) response of the hearing system to auditory stimuli is measured. Hearing is extremely important in the development of children.Therefore, screenings should be repeated in the primary school period.Sometimes the child moves away from his environment, tends to his inner world and therefore school success may decrease due to his hearing loss. should consider the possibility of hearing loss. “

“Technological advances made scanning easier”

Emphasizing that technological developments facilitate the diagnosis of hearing loss in the early period, Prof. Dr. Zeynep Alkan said, “Hearing starts from the 6th month in the mother’s womb. If hearing loss is detected in the early period after birth and if it is worn in the early period, their hearing and speech development can be the same as their peers, and they can go to school at the same time. However, hearing aids may not be sufficient in cases with severe hearing loss. In this case, a bionic ear (cochlear implant) may be required. Some children can also wear an FM system along with the hearing aid. Thus, even in crowded environments, a better quality of hearing can be provided. used the expressions.

Alkan stated that the bionic ear is an electronic device that provides sound sensation in people with severe hearing loss or who cannot hear at all, the device is placed in the inner ear with a surgical procedure and can be used by both children and adults.

“Bionic ears worn between the ages of 1-1.5 give more successful results”

Giving information about the device that can be implanted in one or both ears, Alkan continued as follows:

“The sooner the bionic ear is worn in children, the more beneficial it will be. Bionic ears worn between the ages of 1-1.5 give more successful results. However, it can be worn up to the age of 4. The age of 4 is the limit, after 4 years of age, the success of the person will decrease as the person cannot perceive sounds. However, after the device is installed, it is necessary to pay close attention to the child and to repeat every word by looking into his eyes, not to leave the child to the television and to do speech therapy. In anatomical anomalies, an implant is placed in the brainstem and hearing is provided. “

Stating that the hearing aid is used primarily in congenital cases and the degree of hearing loss is important here, Alkan said that the bionic ear can be a solution for those who will not benefit from the hearing aid or for very advanced hearing losses.

Stating that middle ear infections caused by infections such as cold, flu, sinusitis or diseases such as adenoid enlargement and allergies in children may cause temporary hearing loss, Alkan said, “Even the smallest hearing loss should be consulted without delay. Another factor that causes conductive losses. Endoscopic eardrum surgeries can be performed in the external auditory canal, without surgical scar, in cases of rupture of the eardrum that occur due to different reasons. A new eardrum repair is performed by removing pieces from the patient’s cartilage or other tissues. Stem cell therapies are also being studied experimentally to regenerate. ” he spoke.

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