‘Hidden poison’ warning in childhood leukemia

Explaining that pesticides, one of the chemicals used in many fields from agriculture to textile, threaten children’s health. Dr. “In international studies, pesticides were associated with childhood leukemia and lymphoma risk, and pesticide exposure during pregnancy was associated with pediatric brain tumors,” said Murat Elli.

Professor of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Department of Medipol Mega University Hospital. Dr. Murat Elli warned families against pesticides in a statement he made on the occasion of the 25-31 May World Week for Children with Leukemia.

Prof. Dr. Stating that pesticides are one of the few toxic substances deliberately released into the environment to kill living organisms such as weeds, insects, fungi and rodents, “The use of pesticides dates back to ancient times. Records have been found of the preparation and use of insecticides against wasps. In the 19th century, inorganic pesticides were used against pests. Although the term pesticide is often misunderstood to refer only to insecticides, it also applies to herbicides, fungicides and various other substances used to control pests ” he spoke.


Noting that there are more than 9 thousand chemical pesticides today, Prof. Dr. Fifty continued as follows:

“The use of chemical and synthetic pesticides has been increasing rapidly all over the world since the 1940s, with the widespread of industrial agriculture, the desire to obtain more products to feed the increasing world population. Pesticides are also used in public health activities to control vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever in ornamental landscapes, parks, gardens, and unwanted plants such as grass and weeds. It is also used to prevent the growth of insects, insects, bacteria, fungi and algae in paper, cardboard and food packaging materials. “


Prof. Dr. Elli pointed out that due to all these widespread use, unintentional exposure to pesticides is extremely dangerous, and gave the following information:

“Occupational or home use, food or drink containing pesticide residue, breathing or contact with air contaminated with pesticides are harmful to human health. The adverse effects of even very low levels of exposure on early development of children have been identified. Pesticide exposure has been shown to cause a variety of diseases such as cancer, hormone disorders, asthma, allergies, and hypersensitivity. There is a number of evidence of adverse effects of pesticide exposure causing birth defects, low birth weight, and fetal death. “


Stating that exposure to pesticides is one of the most important causes of acute leukemia, Prof. Dr. Elli continued his evaluations as follows:
“Studies have shown the effect of pesticide exposure on childhood leukemia. Also, pesticide exposure shortly before conception, during pregnancy and after birth increases the risk of developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia. AML) and lymphoma risk. A study conducted in France showed that exposure to pesticides during pregnancy increases the risk of childhood brain tumors and very few mothers are aware of this. “

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