Hot weather and Covid-19 trigger asthma

Contrary to what is known, Medicana Çamlıca Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist Uzm, who stated that asthma patients can have a crisis not only in seasonal changes but also in hot weather and that asthma and allergy patients may be under threat in many ways in summer. Dr. Hacer Ofluoğlu stated that humid and hot air is the main source of the problem. Stating that attention should be paid in terms of allergens that increase in the summer months, Ofluoğlu stated that genetic factors are also effective in asthma.


Explaining that seasonal changes, changes in air temperature and increase in humidity can cause an asthma attack by stimulating the airways in an asthmatic person in the spring, summer and autumn seasons when pollen is concentrated. Dr. Hacer Ofluoğlu used the following statements:

“Both the spring season and seasonal changes are the periods when many diseases are seen more. Many factors may play a role here. The warming of the air, changes in atmospheric pressure, the differences in the amount of humidity in the air we breathe, and the pollens of the plants that are mixed with the air we breathe in this season also play an important role. In addition, there may be some changes in our body caused by hormones. The night, day and seasons have a great effect on the secretion of these. Likewise, our immune system is directly affected by external factors.


Stating that asthmatics and allergy sufferers may be under threat from many aspects in summer, Ofluoğlu said, “It should not be forgotten that it is necessary to be careful against allergens that increase in summer. Pollen, which is one of the leading triggers of asthma and allergic rhinitis and allergic eye diseases, is not only in spring, contrary to popular belief, Excessive exercise outdoors in summer after sedentary winter months can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks.With all kinds of exercise, including walking, symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, cough, chest tightness, itching, skin rash and fainting. In order to avoid this type of allergy, it would be appropriate to avoid exercise for 3-4 hours after meals, avoid some painkillers before exercise and not exercise during menstrual periods. he was.


Stating that genetic factors also play an important role in the emergence of the allergic body that causes asthma, Ofluoğlu said, “Inheritance is estimated to play a role in 40-60% of cases. Most asthma patients have close relatives with one or more of the asthma or other allergic diseases. While the incidence of asthma in the child of an asthmatic mother increases to 20-30%, this rate reaches 60-70% for both mother and father.

Reminding that another important risk factor is cigarettes, Ofluoğlu said, “Nearly 4000 gases, smoke and particulate chemicals in cigarette smoke play an important role in the formation of asthma. It is stated that respiratory diseases and asthma are more common in babies whose mothers smoke. The treatment of asthmatic patients who smoke or are in a smoking environment is also very difficult, “he said.


Chest Diseases Specialist, Uzm. Dr. Hacer Ofluoğlu, “Among the risk groups announced by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the Kovid-19 infection; It has been reported as being over the age of 60, having a chronic medical condition, having high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and asthma. When we look at this table, those with asthma are in the risk group for Kovid-19 infection. But there is no research on how the coronavirus affects asthma patients, “he said.


Referring to the precautions that asthma patients in the risk group should take, Ofluoğlu said, “Consume plenty of fluids and natural juices. Consume as much red meat as possible. You can take vitamin and mineral supplements, beta glucan that strengthens the immune system, and omega 3 fish oil. Also, exercise at home for at least 20-30 minutes every day and sleep regularly. Listen to good music and pay attention to hygiene. Keep your morale high. In addition, it is okay for asthma patients to use sprays containing cortisone and medicines prescribed by their doctors during this period. These applications will be useful in protecting against coronavirus, ”he said.

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