How is a vaccination appointment made with MHRS? (Corona virus vaccine appointment process) – Health News

Vaccination appointment MHRS.GOV.TR system and ALO 182.


Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) Ministry of HealthIt is a system developed for the hospitals affiliated to Turkey to make an easy appointment with the physician they want at the most convenient day and time.

MHRS was implemented as an application created within the scope of the “Health Transformation” project, which was initiated between 2011/2013. Thanks to MHRS, citizens do not have to go to the hospital and wait in line for hours to be examined. With the MHRS application, citizens can easily and quickly make an appointment without wasting time.


Citizens who want to make an appointment with the hospital can make an appointment with two options. One of these Calling ALO 182. Another method to make an appointment is, MHRS internet address over It can be received with the Turkish Identity Number and the created password.

MHRS internet address To make an appointment via; If you are not a member “Make an appointment” After clicking the button, the screen that appears “Sign up” You can complete your membership by clicking the option.

After you become a member “Make an appointment” Clicking the button Your TC Identity Number and password By selecting the hospital and physician you want together with You can create your appointment.

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