I feel like my joints and muscles are bruised

Hatay Provincial Mufti Ömer Faruk Bilgili and Deputy Provincial Mufti Nazife Sağlamoğlu, who survived the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) and returned to their duties, explained that they lived during the disease process.

Bilgili said to the AA reporter that the Kovid-19 test he had done at the Hatay Training and Research Hospital, where he went with complaints of malaise, severe headache and muscle pain, was positive.

Informing that he started his treatment by entering the quarantine at home, Bilgili stated that he was taken to the Hatay Training and Research Hospital after 3 days when his health worsened, he was taken to the intensive care unit here, and he was treated for 10 days with respiratory support.

Bilgili stated that she had 10 days of treatment in the ward after the intensive care unit, and that she had a hard time during this process. Stating that those with the disease understand the seriousness of the work better, Bilgili said:

“I did not have any psychological problems. In the first 3-5 days of the intensive care period, I was dealing with death. Praise be to Allah, my consciousness was clear. There was no problem in intensive care. Thank you to our Lord, we have more food and bread. We have achieved our health. Our citizens have this job. He does not take it very seriously. He does not take it very seriously. He does not take it seriously. He knows this. It does not necessarily happen to everybody. There were 6 people in separate cabins in my intensive care unit. I was the only one who was conscious. I was hearing their pain. not necessarily.”

Bilgili stated that he witnessed how much sacrifice healthcare professionals made in the fight against Kovid-19 during his stay in the hospital, and asked everyone to pay attention to mask, distance and cleaning rules.

“I felt like my joints and muscles were bruised”

Deputy Provincial Mufti Nazife Sağlamoğlu stated that she entered quarantine at her home after the Kovid-19 test she had done on complaints of head, joint and muscle pain, nausea and high fever was positive.

Stating that he had a difficult time during his illness and that he overcame Kovid-19 with 14 days of treatment at home, Sağlamoğlu said:

“I had an incredible headache. I had a headache as if your top was going to fly. I felt like my joints and muscles were rotten. Maybe one takes a little more lightly before life, may be negligent in terms of precautions, but after that I started to show that sensitivity much more. I started not going out in any way. People show much more sensitivity when they live. “

Sağlamoğlu added that paying attention to mask, distance and hygiene rules is a duty and responsibility for both religion and humanity.

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